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Best Energy-Efficient AC To Reduce Electricity Bill!


Your AC bills in summer can skyrocket if you don’t choose the right one for your space. These days, technology has improved for AC, which allows them to control power consumption flexibly according to requirements and reduce electricity bills considerably. Read this article to explore the Best energy efficient AC for your home, office etc, and know about the factors for purchasing one.

- Updated: 8th May 2024, 12:23 IST
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    The Best Energy-Efficient AC List You Can’t Miss!
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    Factors To Consider For Buying The Best Energy Efficient AC
    • Check The Voltage
    • What’s The Wattage?
    • Note The Star Ratings
    • Seek High SEER/EER
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    Energy Efficiency Factor: Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC
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    Wrapping Up

The best energy-efficient AC will not compromise your comfort when the unrelenting summer heat calls for constant air conditioning throughout the day. But finding one that will not frustrate you with the electricity bill is in itself quite frustrating. To take that load off, we have suggested some of the best AC systems you can invest in right now!

Best energy efficient AC

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The Best Energy-Efficient AC List You Can’t Miss!

Below are some of the best air conditioners you will find that have efficient energy-saving capabilities.

AC ModelStar PowerYearly Energy Consumed (kWh)Voltage (V)Wattage (W)Special Features
LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star DUAL Inverter Split AC3 Star852.442301482Diet mode, Monsoon comfort, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection
Lloyd 1.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC3 Star698.492301110Air Cooled Electric Control Box technology, Anti Viral Dust Filter, 7m Air Throw
Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC5 Star785.672301325ISEER 5.2, Dew clean technology, Triple display, Econo mode, Power chill
Panasonic 7 in 1 Convertible 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC5 Star774.192301290Smart cooling, Wi-fi enabled, MirAie App enabled, True AI mode, Twin Cool Inverter
MarQ 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter 4-in-1 Convertible AC5 Star767.34220-2401295Blue Fin Technology, 20-min quick cooling, silent operation
Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star, Magicool Inverter Split AC5 Star701.522401163Silent Operation, hidden display, self clean, IntelliSense Inverter

The best energy efficient AC can come in different ranges, but they are generally priced on a slightly higher spectrum. However, if you think of the effective cost in five to seven years, considering the reduced electricity bills and other factors, these turn out to be greatly profitable as well. 

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Factors To Consider For Buying The Best Energy Efficient AC

factors for buying AC

Here we are breaking down the factors that will impact your decision-making while looking for a low-power-consuming AC or at least one that will not fire up your electricity bill.

Check The Voltage

Voltage defines the electricity flow to your air conditioner. Sufficient voltage is necessary so that the AC can use power efficiently. Too little, and it struggles to cool your room effectively, using more power. Too much, and it might even damage the AC, again leading to higher energy use. An ideal voltage for energy saving will be usually around 220 to 240 volts.

What’s The Wattage?

Wattage is like the horsepower of the AC. When the wattage is high, it means that the AC can cool faster or a larger area, but it also means it consumes more electricity. For this factor, one needs to consider their AC usage habit and room size. If you prefer turning off the AC after a while of cooling the room, then a high wattage shouldn’t affect it. While, if you keep the AC ON to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout, you would want an AC with moderate wattage. Generally, for a 1.5-ton size, wattage between 1000 to 1500 watts is considered best energy efficient AC.

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Note The Star Ratings

The star rating system is like a score for how good an air conditioner is at using electricity wisely. It goes from 1 to 5 stars. The more stars an AC has, the better it is at saving energy. So, if you see a model with a higher star rating, it means it’s more efficient and will likely cost you less in electricity bills over time. Look for models with energy-efficient ratings (like 3 or 5 stars).

Seek High SEER/EER

Look for an AC with certifications of a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). These ratings indicate how efficiently the unit converts electricity into cool air. Higher ratings mean lower energy consumption. The Best energy efficient AC will have such certification clearance.

Energy Efficiency Factor: Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

There are many variants of AC in the market that solve different problems. We have already discussed some important factors related to energy consumption level. However, one more major factor to pay attention to is whether the AC has a built-in inverter.

Inverter AC: They can adjust their power consumption based on the cooling demand. The compressor in an inverter AC can change its speed, operating at a level needed to maintain the desired temperature rather than running at a fixed speed. So, only a necessary amount of power is used in the process.

Non-Inverter AC: On the other hand, use fixed-speed compressors that operate in an on-off cycle. This means they always run at full capacity, without the flexibility to adjust to the cooling demand. As a result, they need to draw a large amount of power each time they start up, leading to higher energy consumption.

Overall, Inverter AC offer more energy efficiency than non-inverter ACs.

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Wrapping Up

Thankfully, due to consistent efforts in developing superior technology by top brands, it is easier to find the best energy-efficient AC. This would not have been the scenario a decade ago. If you don’t want the hassle of scanning the market, you can definitely choose from your options here, as I have mentioned. If you wish to go for a different model or brand, remember the factors that will help you keep the electricity consumption in control and also leave less carbon foot print. All the best in finding your perfect energy efficient AC!

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  • Choose your AC according to your room size and usage habit and keep the electricity bill in control.