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Enjoy These 5 Best Free Book Reading App May 2024


Are you an avid book reader but unable to spend more time with your book due to office chores and travel? Well, with the free book reading applications, you need to worry no more!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:29 IST
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    Best Free Book Reading App That You Can Use
    • 1. Oodles
    • 2. Bookshelf
    • 3. Kindle
    • 4. Kobo Books
    • 5. PocketBook
    • 6. Storytel: Audiobooks and Ebooks
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    Summary: Free Book Reading App

Technology is evolving, and so is the trend of book reading. When everyone is transitioning to eBooks, here we bring to your list of the best free book reading app.

Books have always intrigued people for centuries, for they are the repository of knowledge, stories, mythologies, and much more. Even today, in the fast, modern world, people prefer book reading. This has led to the evolution of some of the great book-reading app which is available for free. Here, you can easily add your book to the library and download it for reading it. It does not matter if you are travelling in a train, flight, or bus. You can access these apps and your eBooks from any place you want. Besides, it also saves you the hassle of travelling with a physical copy that occupies space and adds to the luggage’s weight.

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Best Free Book Reading App That You Can Use

1. Oodles


Oodles has a repository of 50000+ books that you can access on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It has books in multiple languages. The best thing about the app is that you do not have to bear the hassle of registering yourself and fulfilling the conditions to read a book. Initially, all you need to do is open the app and, on the dashboard, find your favourite book. You can also navigate through different books at your disposal, with the platform ranked an excellent free book-reading app.

The dashboard is divided into three sections– Free classics, having a collection of old and classic books from the ancient periods; free audiobooks for audio reading; and My Library having the bookmarks of your favourite books. All the books have been categorised into different genres, making it easier to choose the read. The download process is quite simple and convenient, with the book being categorised into chapters (like the one in the regular book). You can choose the font style, size etc, for preferential reading.

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2. Bookshelf

Bookshelf not only acts as your reading database but also allows you to organise the library. The initial signup asks you how many books you want to complete in a year. Once you add this, you are taken to the next step, where you must add the books you want to read. When it is completed, the dashboard shows you the list of books you have added. For online reading, it allows you to buy the book from However, if you have the offline book, you can keep a status of how far you have read and how much more is left to be read.

A separate Cards section in the app contains a note maker so that your online notes or pointers do not get lost. Besides, you can create decks by organising the cards into different levels. The free book reading app also gives you insight into daily tracking of reading time and the number of books completed meanwhile.

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3. Kindle

Kindle, powered by Amazon, is one of the free book reading app that is known for its subtle feature and ease of use. If you are an Amazon user, you can sign in using the same credentials on the app. Finally, you can access the list of all available books in your Kindle based on any book purchase made previously using Amazon. One can also select from the available free books list by typing free books in the search bar. Besides, if you are a Prime member, you get access to many free books too.

The categorisation of books makes choosing the books you want to read easier. You can also highlight important points and make notes in the app itself. Additionally, one can bookmark chapters of their choice and choose font size and style as per their likeliness.

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4. Kobo Books

Kobo books allows you to access many free e-books without even registering yourself into a Kobo account. For the people who do not want to share their personal data and at the same time want to delve deep into the world of books- Kobo is your answer! Additionally, the initial dashboard also shows the top 50 eBooks that are available for the users to read.

If you want to access paid books, you can add the same in your library using the search panel for eBooks. You can access all audiobooks and eBooks in one space and toggle between them in one single tap. Imagine getting stuck up on a word while reading the book! This free book-reading app even makes this task easier by getting it sorted for you and looking the same in the dictionary. Besides, you can highlight and make notes in the app using it.

5. PocketBook

Using the app, one can upload the book and sync all the readings from the device into one. There are audiobooks player that caters to the overall listening experience. The app allows you to make purchases of your favourite books among the large list of readings available.

The PocketBook app has an inbuilt feature containing some powerful functionalities like a note maker, highlighter, instant translator, and screenshots. You can bookmark your favourite lines and navigate between pages with ease using this free book-reading app. Additionally, it can support around 19 types of book formats.

6. Storytel: Audiobooks and Ebooks

Storytel is one of the best book reading app that offers a vast collection of ebooks of all genres and languages. Along with ebooks the app also offers a massive collection of wonderful audiobooks, in-depth podcasts, and exclusive Storytel Originals. In this app, you can even follow your favorite authors and series. Additionally, you can browse and share reviews and reactions too.

With its user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and seamless integration across devices, Storytel redefines your reading journey, making it the ultimate destination for ebook enthusiasts.

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Summary: Free Book Reading App

Now that you are well versed with the multiple free book reading app, it would not surprise you if someone says it is just the physical books that can give the ‘vibe.’ The learner can immerse in knowledge in online copies too! With eBooks becoming a trend, it is easier for people to access them at any place of their choice without giving them a second thought. Besides, you can download and read any book of your choice, irrespective of its origin, just at the tap of a finger. Any book under the sun can be accessed easily with these reading apps.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Free book reading app is a new age trend that helps you catch hold of your favourite book online.
  • Gone are those days when people used to rely on physical copies alone to read their favourite authors.
  • Nowadays, with eBooks becoming a trend, these free reading apps have made reading accessible and convenient.
  • Here are some of the latest free book reading app that you can download to get started.

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