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6 Best Free Fire MAX Characters For Ranked Mode


Garena is continually coming up with fresh and exciting content for its Free Fire MAX gamers. The ‘Clash Squad’ game mode, which is a wonderful blend of swift intense action and buck loads of excitement. Here is a list of such characters that are an excellent choice for winning in clash squad game mode.

- Updated: 3rd May 2022, 06:08 IST
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    Best Free Fire MAX Characters
    • 1. Captain Booyah/K (Master Of All)
    • 2. Shirou (Damage Delivered)
    • 3. Maro (Falcon Fervor)
    • 4. Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)
    • 5. DJ Alok
    • 6. Chrono (Time Turner)

The best Free Fire MAX characters come with a whole host of attributes. While the overall gameplay remains the same, characters play an important role with their unique abilities. With so many characters to choose from, it can get slightly tedious.

Best Free Fire MAX Characters

Players can choose from more than 40 characters in the Free Fire MAX character roster. These characters have special skills that can help players on the battlefield. Players who used the correct characters during the most recent rank reset could secure the top ranks. Here are some of the Best Free Fire Characters that you must try.

1. Captain Booyah/K (Master Of All)

Captain Booyah

Captain Booyah, often known as K, is a new character in Free Fire who resembles KSHMR. Even though the character looks similar to the DJ, the abilities it provides in the game are incredible. After Dj Alok and Bollywood star Hritik Roshan’s Jai, this will be the third real-life resembling figure.

Captain Booyah has two distinct powers. Most characters have either an active or passive ability, but this character has both. The game portrays Captain Booyah as a “professor and jiu-jitsu specialist.” It is capable of two things:

  • Passive: The character receives 2 EP every two seconds or 1 EP each second, giving the character an EP boost. A character has typically 200 EP, but K has an additional 50 EP.
  • Active: An active toggle switch will activate the ability when the player’s EP total reaches 150. “K” is surrounded by a red-coloured circle and regenerates HP for himself and his friends once the skill is engaged.

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2. Shirou (Damage Delivered)

Shirou Best Free Fire MAX characters

Shirou is the fastest delivery guy, as per the in-game description. His passive ability is Damage Delivered. How this works is, when an enemy attacks the player from within an 80m radius, the attacker is marked for 6s at his primary level ability (marking only visible to the user). The first shot deals 50% more armour penetration damage on marked foes.

Once the character is available to the players, they can use Character Level Up cards to raise the character’s level to Level 8, and they can also use these cards to raise the skill level to Level 6. The tag’s range and duration stay unchanged at the highest level. However, the initial shot’s armour penetration improves to 100%, reducing the cooldown to 20 seconds.

3. Maro (Falcon Fervor)

Maro Best Free Fire MAX characters

Maro is a professional Falconer and enjoys bow hunting. Using his abilities, he can give more damage to distant enemies. Maro employs natural abilities, and he can sprint quite quickly thanks to Free Spirit.

Falcon Fervor is a passive skill that he possesses. This ability’s base level (level 1) increases damage over distance by up to 5%. It also allows players to boost the amount of damage they deal with designated adversaries by 1%.

As an Eagle Master, he may have an eagle as a pet that can aid him in locating foes or deliver extra damage to them. The character debuted on May 29, 2021, the same day as the Free Fire World Series Singapore. The character appears cool and is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire MAX.

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4. Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Skyler Best Free Fire MAX characters

Skyler is a superstar and a CEO, according to his in-game description. His active ability is Riptide Rhythm which releases a sonic wave that can destroy 5 Gloo Walls within 50m range. In addition, if you use any of the Gloo Wall, you receive 4HP. At its maximum range, the character may turn the walls into dust. Because of this skill, the character is now the most popular among players. No other character comes close to Skyler’s abilities.

When it comes to the character’s cooldown time, it’s around 60 seconds. As the character’s level rises, so does his or her ability in Free Fire Max. Players that enjoy aggressive gaming in both Ranked and Clash Squad Mode will benefit the most from this ability.

5. DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

DJ Alok

Alok is another Free Fire MAX character who excels in both solo and group play. Drop the Beat, which is Alok’s active ability forms a five-meter aura around him that provides him with a 15% speed boost and heals him for 5 HP every second for 10 seconds. The speed boost is useful for catching up to foes or avoiding dangerous circumstances. And his healing provides him with an extra layer of protection. All of this makes him an excellent complement to any squad.

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6. Chrono (Time Turner)


In Free Fire Max, Chrono’s particular in-game skill ‘Time Turner’ gives players an outstanding defensive capability. It creates an impenetrable force field. It lasts six seconds and blocks a total of 800 damage. The cooldown time for this ability is 120 seconds.

The movement speed of the players and their teammates will also improve by 15% and 10%, respectively. This ability has a cooldown of 50 seconds and has a duration of 4 seconds.

The movement speed of players will improve by 30% at the highest level, while that of allies will increase by 15%. The ability’s effect will continue for 9 seconds, and the cooldown duration will be reduced to 40 seconds.

Chrono also offers a one-of-a-kind ability known as Cosmic Bounty Hunter. Chrono’s active ability appears to be quite potent, and it will be useful in both attacking and defensive situations. Chrono’s ability is one of the most well-known among the Free Fire cast. Players can utilize this skill to provide cover on an open battlefield.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Garena added characters to Free Fire and Free Fire MAX to add to the fun and excitement. Over the time they have become a need to survive the matches over time.
  • It is pretty hard for players to win a game without using any character ability.
  • Here we have listed all the FF MAX characters and their special abilities that will help you in a better gameplay. 

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