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5 Best Hidden Useful Gmail Settings We Bet You Didn’t Know About


There are many features and function which is scattered in the Gamil setting. Some of them you are aware. But, there is some hidden feature that makes things easy for you while using Gmail.

- Updated: 11th Oct 2021, 12:11 IST
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    Hidden Useful Gmail Settings
    • 1. Cancel Sending in Your Own Time
    • 2. Check Unread Mails With A Number
    • 3. Move Email to Email Easily
    • 4. Combine Two Tasks Into One
    • 5. Check the Importance Without Reading
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Gmail is the most used mailing platform among all options available and the prime communication medium in corporate set-ups. It is used by everyone nowadays mainly due to its synchronization across several devices. Gmail makes it easier to log in anywhere within a single step and without having to enter all the personal information again and again. In this article, we will let you know the 5 best hidden useful Gmail settings you must know.

Hidden Useful Gmail Settings

Gmail is packed with several advanced and unique features that can save one’s time and make managing their tasks easier. However, there is one problem that anyone can face, with these many features being scattered across the platform, chances are high that you won’t even notice many of them and overlook some of the most useful features. The features listed below surpass the widely known features of Gmail and allow you to make your inbox even more functional.

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1. Cancel Sending in Your Own Time

Many times we send a mail by mistake or forget to add an attachment before sending it. In such situations, we can always cancel sending the mail but the only problem is that by default, Gmail gives you only 5 seconds to cancel the mail. You can change this time in the settings to allow yourself more time to ponder over your mail, and if you missed something. For this, Go to Settings (General section) > “Undo send” and select any value up to 20 or 30 seconds.

2. Check Unread Mails With A Number

It is not practical for most people to keep the Gmail tab open throughout the day. Therefore, you can update your Gmail icon to constantly show the number of unread emails. This will help you stay up-to-date with the number of Emails you have to read and help manage everything better. For this, got to Settings > See All Settings > Advanced > Enable “Unread Message Icon”.

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3. Move Email to Email Easily

When you open an Email and archive or delete it, you are automatically moved back to your inbox. If you are someone who likes to read all your mails before deciding what to do, even more, if you read several emails together, this can be problematic and irritating for you. Gmail now has a solution for you to adjust this feature according to your needs.  You can simply go to your desktop version’s Gmail’s “See All Settings”, find “Auto-Advance”  and enable it to take you to the previous or next mail after deleting or archiving a mail. Even in android applications, you can find this option in the general settings.

4. Combine Two Tasks Into One

If you are someone who archives a conversation after replying to the mail to reduce the number of emails in your inbox, you are going to love this feature. This feature allows you to perform both the actions of sending and archiving emails in a single step. Go to the General Settings > Send and Archive Option and change it to Show “Send and Archive Button in reply”. When enabled, this will give you the option to send an email and archive it at the same time along with the option of simply sending it.

5. Check the Importance Without Reading

All of us find it tiring and time taking to scroll through all the emails. And find the ones specifically meant for us that required immediate action. Gmail can now help you sort through your emails faster using a personal level indicator. You can find this setting option in your desktop site’s settings’ General Tab. All you need to do is change its setting to “Show Indicators”. Now, Gmail will show a single arrow next to emails that were sent to you specifically and not sent via any list and a double arrow next to the emails that were sent only to you.

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These are the top 5 hidden useful Gmail settings that you wouldn’t know about and that can make your inbox more functional. However, most of these settings are newly released and therefore may apply only to the new versions of the site. Although most of them are known to be relevant for desktop Gmail only. You can try applying them on your phone as well. Do mention your experience in the comments section and how these settings helped you.


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