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Here’s How You Can Use Online Instagram Story Saver! December 2023


Whether you are using a private, public or a personal account, saving your favorite stories doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, you will get all the information on story saver Instagram to make your experience on this social media platform more pleasant and productive.

- Updated: 28th Nov 2023, 15:41 IST
  • 1
    Why is Story Saver Instagram Required?
  • 2
    Story Saver Instagram: Best Ways To Access The Stories Locally
    • 1. Story Saver Instagram for Personal Account
    • 2. Story Saver Instagram for Public Account
    • 3. Story saver Instagram for Private Account
  • 3
    Best Tools To Save Instagram Stories
    • Story saver Instagram websites
    • Story Saver Instagram Applications
  • 4
    Story Saver Instagram FAQs
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Stories are an essential component of any Instagram profile. Rarely would you find any page which would not post a story or have any previous highlights. Instagram story saver can be the designated application or website that can help you save Instagram stories.

Here is a detailed guide for story saver Instagram. Whether you have a private or personal account, we will discuss all the possible ways to save your favorite Instagram stories.

How to use story saver instagram in 2023

  • Click on the mobile browser and navigate to Story Saver Instagram.
  • Enter the Instagram account username to download the story posted on it.
  • Press the ‘Download’ button to proceed.
  • Click on the captcha to confirm you are a human.
  • Check out the Stories and click ‘Save as’ below the Story you want to download. 

Why is Story Saver Instagram Required?

Different types of Instagram account requires different story saver Instagram. The accounts that we refer to are:

  1. Personal account
  2. Public account
  3. Private account

Personal accounts are the ones that you use to surf Instagram. They belong to you, so the approach to saving stories is pretty simple.

Another kind of account is a public Instagram account that is open to all; anyone can access that profile’s information. This information includes posts, reels, tagged posts, stories, etc.

The last one is a private account. With a private Instagram account, there is no way to view posts and stories until and unless the account has accepted your follow request.

We shall discuss the story saver Instagram for each account in subsequent sections.

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Story Saver Instagram: Best Ways To Access The Stories Locally

Here are the best story saver Instagram methods for Personal, Public or Private accounts.

1. Story Saver Instagram for Personal Account

instagram story saver

Follow the below steps for story saver Instagram on your personal account:

  • Click the triple dot on the bottom of the screen once you have uploaded the story.
  • Tap on “Save…”. Here, select if you want to “Save Photo” or “Save Story“.

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2. Story Saver Instagram for Public Account

public account story saver

Here are the two steps for story saver Instagram for a public account:

1. Go to the profile from which you want to download the story. If you are using Instagram web, then copy the link from the URL section.

However, if you are using the Instagram app, click on the triple dots present in the top right corner of your profile. Tap on Copy Link to copy the story link.

2. Next, use these links to download stories from online websites like StorySaver, iGram, Inflact.

They can help you directly save stories from the accounts to your phones, laptops, or even tablets.

PS: If multiple stories are added to the user’s profile, you may have to select each of them individually rather than downloading them in a batch.

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3. Story saver Instagram for Private Account

Instagram Story Saver for Private Account

If you are wondering how to save stories from a private account, then to your disappointment, the process is not yet available. There may be private accounts you might not be following, so saving or accessing the story is not possible in the first space.

However, if you are following that account, you can view the story and take a screenshot of it. Additionally, there is another website that you can use for downloading posts and stories from a private account.

Follow the below simple steps for story saver Instagram for a private account:

  1. Go to Instagram Private Downloader.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account from the web in a separate tab.
  3. Go to the profile and copy the story URL you want to download.
  4. In the row asking for paste URL, paste the copied URL
  5. Press the tab on the keyboard to move to the next row. You will get a link. Copy it.
  6. Paste the link in a separate tab and copy the text generated on the link page.
  7. Paste this entire text in the page source data on the website and hit download.
  8. Your content is ready for download now.

Generally, you cannot download the stories from most of the website. One of the simple reasons for this is to ensure privacy for the account that has opted for going private on social media.

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Best Tools To Save Instagram Stories

Here are some of the most used tools that you can use as an Instagram story saver.

Story saver Instagram websites

1.StorySaverHelps you download Instagram stories as well as highlightsClick here
2.SnapInstaA single step to download Instagram stories directly through the website.Click here
3.InDownLets you download Instagram stories, videos, reels, posts, display pictures(DP), and stories in a single click Click here
4. SaveIGHelps you download stories and posts from public accounts and private Instagram accounts that you might be following. Click here
5. InstaFollowersAnother free tool to download Instagram stories. Click here
6. ReelIt Lets you download many available options like photos, videos, reels, posts, and DP.Click here

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Story Saver Instagram Applications

For Android

For iOS

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Story Saver Instagram FAQs

What is a story saver for Instagram?

An Instagram story saver is a handy tool that allows you to save Instagram stories to your device for easy access and viewing later. With a story saver Instagram, you can keep your favorite stories within reach without worrying about them disappearing after 24 hours.

Why should I use a story saver for Instagram?

You unlock a world of benefits by using a story saver for Instagram. It lets you save captivating stories that catch your eye, ensuring you never miss out on inspiring quotes, beautiful photos, or engaging content. Plus, you can revisit your stories and repurpose them, creating Instagram highlights that capture your unique moments.

Can I save stories from other accounts using a story saver for Instagram?

Absolutely! You can effortlessly save stories from your favorite accounts with a reliable Instagram story saver. Whether it’s a travel influencer’s stunning adventure or a fitness guru’s motivational tips, you can download and keep these stories for future reference or sharing.

How can a story saver for Instagram enhance my social media experience? A story saver for Instagram opens up new possibilities. You can easily share interesting Instagram stories with your friends and followers on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, spreading joy and knowledge beyond the Instagram community. Additionally, story saver Instagram is a valuable source of inspiration, allowing you to collect ideas from other accounts and fuel your creative storytelling.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using a story saver for Instagram?

While using a story saver for Instagram, respecting copyright and privacy is crucial. Ensure you download and share content responsibly, giving proper credit to the original creators. It’s also worth noting that the functionality of different story saver Instagram tools may vary, so choose a reliable and trustworthy app or tool to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Instagram story saver comes with its own benefits. You can have the access to your own stories in future even without highlighting them on your profile. They can be saved on your local gallery and shared on other social media sites. Moreover, the story saver lets you download the story and the audio you might have used for it. This is not possible when you save the post directly from your profile. Hope our article helps you navigate every situation and make your Instagram story-saver journey much easier.

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