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5 Best iPhone Fast Chargers You Can Buy In India July 2024


In this article, we have listed the best iPhone fast chargers you can buy in India right now! Check them out.

- Updated: 28th Jun 2024, 10:34 IST
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    5 Best iPhone Fast Chargers in India
    • #1 Apple 20W Fast Charger
    • #2 AMX XP 60 4-Port 62W Fast Charger
    • #3 Stuffcool Napoleon PD65 GaN iPhone Fast Charger
    • #4 Belkin BoostCharge GaN iPhone Fast Charger
    • #5 Anker PowerPort Speed Plus Duo

So you have purchased the brand new Apple iPhone 13 or maybe, you want to take things up a notch with your older iPhone. However, the conventional iPhone charger is not really one of the best iPhone fast chargers. Not even close to being a fast charger at all, in all honesty. Yes, it is definitely compatible but, is it really efficient? Well, not really. That is why you should definitely give fast charging adapters a try. Warning, you will surely get addicted to fast charging your iPhone!

Now, you may be wondering whether these fast chargers will be compatible with your iPhone. Good news is, all the chargers mentioned on this list are a hundred percent compatible with your iPhone. These are some of the best iPhone fast chargers available in the Indian market. Without any further ado, let us take a quick look at the list!

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5 Best iPhone Fast Chargers in India

#1 Apple 20W Fast Charger

Yes, this is the official Apple iPhone fast charger that we are talking about. If you are someone who is a die hard Apple fan and wants to stick by it, this is the way to go. The simplest yet most compatible fast charger you can get for your iPhone. Besides, you also get up to 20W fast charging output.

The only downside of this fast charger is that it only offers one USB port. However, it is also a very affordable yet durable option. All-in-all, definitely one of the best iPhone fast chargers to buy in India!

Why Should You Buy?

  • Official compatible iPhone fast charger.
  • Offers up to 20W fast charging output.
  • Attractive price tag.

Price: Rs. 1,900

Buy Here!

#2 AMX XP 60 4-Port 62W Fast Charger

Next up, the AMX XP 60 is a machine! It offers a total output of 62W. Now, this particular power output is to charge your MacBook. Now, there are three flash charging ports. These are to charge your iPad or iPhone at a charging speed of 17W. Definitely one of the best iPhone fast chargers you can buy in India today. The only downside would be that, not being a GaN charger, it is kind of bulky. For the price and features, that is surely ignorable.

Why Should You Buy?

  • 3 Flash Charging Ports to make use of.
  • Amazing compatibility with iPhones.
  • 17W fast charging output.

Price: Rs. 1,799

Buy Here!

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#3 Stuffcool Napoleon PD65 GaN iPhone Fast Charger

Stuffcool is a popular Indian brand that makes some pretty good mobile accessories. So, you known that a product by them will definitely be trustworthy and durable. The Stuffcool Napoleon is an excellent and one of the best iPhone fast chargers in India today. Moreover, it is a GaN charger, which means that it is super portable.

This Stuffcool fast charger offers 18W fast charging output for your iPhone. Moreover, there are two ports which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Why Should You Buy?

  • 18W fast charging support for iPhones.
  • Super compact.
  • Charge two devices simultaneously.

Price: Rs. 3,697

Buy Here!

#4 Belkin BoostCharge GaN iPhone Fast Charger

The Belkin BoostCharge is a premium iPhone fast charger. Not just that, it is a GaN charger hence, very compact and easy to carry around. In addition, it offers a fast charging output of 24W. So, it is indeed pretty fast at what it does. You can also charge two devices simultaneously.

Icing on the cake is that the charging cable is included. Apart from the price tag, there is no other downside. However, it is definitely worth the price because of brand value and utility. Hands down, one of the best iPhone fast chargers in India!

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Why Should You Buy?

  • You can charge up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Offers up to 24W fast charging output.
  • Charging cable is included.

Price: Rs. 5,029

Buy Here!

#5 Anker PowerPort Speed Plus Duo

Anker is a known name in the premium mobile accessories segment. If you have a pretty good budget, this is easily the best iPhone fast charger you can buy. Not only is it ultra premium but super duper durable and can last you for years. This is a 42W fast charger that offers two ports for charging your iPhone.

It offers two ports for charging. While one is a USB Type-C port, the other is a USB Type-A port. So, you can pretty much charge all sorts of devices with this. There are two downsides. Firstly, the price may be on the tad bit hefty side of things. Secondly, cables are not included right in the box. So, you will have to purchase cables separately. However, if you are willing to go the extra bucks for a premium iPhone fast charger, there is barely anything that beats this.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Premium iPhone fast charger.
  • Very durable.
  • 20W fast charger.

Price: 4,999

Buy Here!

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We certainly do hope that this list of the best iPhone fast chargers helps you find exactly what you have been looking for! When charging your iPhone, it is always better to go with either the official iPhone fast charger or brands that have had a super trustworthy record. This way, you get the best fast charging experience and your iPhone battery life stays healthy as well. All the chargers on this list fall under either of these two categories. So, you can go for any one of them, blindfolded.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Fast charging in iPhones was made possible since iPhone 8.
  • Finding a compatible iPhone charger may be worrisome for quite a few.
  • In this list, we talk about the compatible and best iPhone fast chargers in India.