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5 Best News Apps For Android And iOS Phones April 2024


Not sure of which app to download to stay informed on the news around you? Want to get hold of only trusted news pieces from reliable publishers? Our selection of some of the best news apps will help you make an informed decision.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:41 IST
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    Best News App To Download
    • 1. Inshorts
    • 2. Google News
    • 3. Dailyhunt
    • 4. Microsoft Start
    • 5. Flipboard
    • 7. BBC News
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News are the best way to remain alert to every happening around us. In the wake of this, let’s get you sorted with the best news apps for your mobile phones.

The fast-growing world is witnessing a transition in every field of daily life. So, how can you leave behind one of the most crucial aspects of daily life? Yes, the newspapers are one thing that people start their day with. Of course, it gives you a sketch of what happened a day before and what may be impending. However, do people really care about the physical hard prints of newspapers in the era of technology?

While many may say yes, it is still limited to people who feel the content of reading newspapers only when they get the print in their hand. Younger generations and people relying heavily on electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops find it convenient to catch their favourite dose of news on them. Here, the role of the news app becomes important.

People have a set preference of what they want to read, but at the same time, the world of apps has brought in many innovations and new ways of clubbing the best quality news. For example, there are apps through which you can access more than one newspaper in a go. You can choose anything as per your reading need or choose something new. To make that task easier for you, here is our list of suggested best news apps that you can look forward to downloading.

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Best News App To Download

List of best news apps that will make news reading a great experience for you.

1. Inshorts


What people require in the fast-moving world s crisp words to keep them informed even with minimal reading. This concept is met by the app Inshorts. With this app, one can read the news in around 60 words. This means you need a short glance to understand all about the news. They do away with any unnecessary details that might not be necessary for regular readers.

Therefore, the app targets the mobile generation who do not bother to go into detail about each news topic. Instead, they want to read the topic in short and get going to the next news in line. The app is easy to use and convenient for novice users too. Besides, it is one of the best news apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

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2. Google News

google news

One of the best news apps that have assumed growing prominence in recent years is Google News. While most Android users can access it easily through their phones, many iOS users have also downloaded the app for the briefing style. The app gives you briefs and news based on your past searches and news channels you have read before. Besides, one can easily get local news from their area and choose which stories to read.

One gets news pieces from multiple domains – entertainment, finances, politics, etc., together via Google News. You can even edit the preferences and choose for yourself the stories that you want to read. Additionally, the app allows you to stay updated across all the devices on which you have synced your Google account so that you do not have to read the same news repeatedly.

3. Dailyhunt

dailyhunt news apps

Dailyhunt is an app, especially looking to serve the Indian context. Here, you can access national, international, and local news from the same app. It contains news pieces from different publishers and is not limited to one. Having news from trusted publishers means customers can read the ones they like. The app’s dashboard contains trending topics, which allow you to select from the topic in the news and get your hands on it before anyone else can.

Besides, they serve people from all regions and have news in 14 languages around the country. One can even watch live TV, especially news debates or any event of prominence from the app. If you are a sports lover, this app will also serve your sports demand, along with other kinds of news. Here are the links for Android and iOS devices.

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4. Microsoft Start

microsoft start

The All-in-one app, Microsoft Start, assists people in keeping track of daily news and managing daily life via the phone. To begin with, you can quickly access the news on the dashboard that is delivered to you by 1000+ branded and reliable publishers. As it has a bucket of news agencies serving feed to it, you can easily choose to go forward with a selected few.

The bucket of choice lets you choose from many instead of just a few. Besides, the app also acts for the weather forecast. you will not need a separate app to keep a tab of the weather outside when you use the app. Discover everything around you-groceries, restaurants, and shops with this single app. Additionally, the app keeps flashing daily images that can be used as wallpapers. The app can be operated on Android and iOS.

5. Flipboard


Flipboard can be used as a social magazine for your Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best news apps that give you feeds from trusted sources only. You can set your preferences and allow the app to send you personalised news elements as well as other reading materials. Additionally, you can create your own profile, and all your likes and followers get displayed on the home page.

This also allows you to collate similar articles for future reference too. Now imagine researching to visit Europe with friends. However, you are not able to talk with all of them individually. With Flipboard, all the articles, blogs, and news related to Europe can be collected at one single location and shared with your group.

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Scooper News App - best news apps

Formerly known as Eagleee news, the Scooper news app provides access to trending news articles spanning various topics such as sports, politics, comedy, videos, entertainment, and more, all delivered conveniently to your mobile device. The app primarily focuses on delivering news from regions like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and other parts of the world.

The app boasts an excellent design and can stream engaging videos within the platform. One standout feature of this app is the opportunity to earn money simply by referring your friends to download it.

The earnings are credited as coins but can be withdrawn as cash once you reach a specified payout threshold. Furthermore, you can convert these coins into cash to obtain a Dubai Visa or cover other essential expenses. It’s a versatile offering. Currently, the Scooper news app is accessible exclusively on the Android and iOS platforms.

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7. BBC News

BBC News - best news apps

The BBC News is a well-known and highly regarded online news media outlet originating from the UK, and it requires little introduction. Based in Westminster, London, the BBC News channel is famous for its commitment to delivering non-sensational, impartial news coverage. This dedication to quality journalism has earned the BBC News app high ratings on both the Play Store and App Store.

The software offers users a variety of layout options for their news feed and allows them to access the most up-to-date reports from around the world with a simple tap. The news feed section also includes a live-streaming news channel seamlessly integrated within the app.

BBC News allows users to customise notification settings and disable background syncing. Notably, it stands out as one of the few news apps that offer users control over the data the application shares. You can disable “sharing stats” if you prefer not to receive personalised content. You can find the BBC News app available for download on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Our main focus while narrowing down the list of best news apps for your reference has been unbiasedness. We do understand that every person has their own taste and set preference, and to declare one single publisher as the best one would do wrong to the choices of others. Hence, we have kept it all cumulative! By this, you are able to make your own choice from the list of news elements available to you- which article to read, which one to ignore, and so on.

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