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    6 Best Players For Beginners In FIFA Mobile For Ultimate Team!


    Want some of the best players without breaking the bank in FIFA Mobile? Check out the best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile, especially if you’ve just started playing the game!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 24th Jun 2022 10:26 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      • Wout Weghorst
      • Gerard Deulofeu
    • 2
      • John McGinn
      • Francis Coquelin
    • 3
      • Theo Hernandez
      • Nick Pope
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      Summing up

    Highlights of the Story

    • FIFA Mobile has a huge amount of content for its players.
    • Each promo brings in new and more expensive cards.
    • If you’re a beginner, this list of the best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile will see you through the early stages.

    FIFA Mobile is one of the biggest sports simulation games for smartphone owners. Not only does it provide the definitive FIFA experience to smartphones, but it ports over multiple features from the console versions. When beginners build their teams to compete at the highest level, they will have to unlock players through packs or trading. However, the issue arises when beginners don’t have enough coins to buy the best players in the market. At the time, they will have to buy players who can provide the most value for money. These kinds of players are called cheap beasts, as they go well with the game’s meta and provide good stat combinations for players to use. This article will show you the best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile.

    Let’s check them out below!


    These players form the core of your frontline and are essential in completing or initiating the attack in the final third of the pitch. Good physicality, shooting, and pace stats are crucial in this category.

    Wout Weghorst

    Wout Weghorst

    The Dutch striker is one of the most physically imposing players on the pitch, both in real life and in the game. So, it only makes sense to have him as a target man. His overall isn’t bad, and he can be the talisman of your team. While you can’t expect him to make precise passes, his positioning and heading accuracy will ensure that your crosses find the back of the net. His base card is exceptional when you play World Tour matches. Since these games are challenging and creating through the middle can be problematic, ping in your crosses. Wout Weghorst will be sure to find them.

    • Position – ST
    • Overall – 79
    • Program – Base
    • Club – Vfl Wolfsburg
    • League – Bundesliga
    • Country – Netherlands
    • Skill Boost – Shooting

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    Gerard Deulofeu


    The Spanish winger set the field alight when he was playing at Watford. He’s also doing exceptionally well playing at the Italian side Udinese. However, we’re going for an older Deulofeu card here, with the Boxing Day program card. He’s a great left winger and can cut inside to shoot with a deadly right foot. His slight build makes him feel faster and smoother than his stats depict. Moreover, the Premier League version card will easily help you build your team’s chemistry.

    • Position – LW
    • Overall – 79
    • Program – Boxing Day
    • Club – Watford
    • League – Premier League
    • Country – Spain
    • Skill Boost – Attacking


    They’re the heart of your team. Whether you want to transition the ball from defence to attack or want to build up possession, a promising midfielder is absolutely essential.

    John McGinn


    John McGinn won’t give you the physically imposing presence in midfield that you’re looking for. However, if you prefer your defensive midfielders to be more tenacious than physical, John McGinn is the card you should be buying. He’s got excellent and well-rounded stats, whether it’s for shooting, passing, pace, or defence. Basically, he’s a great overall card to have in your team.

    • Position – CM
    • Overall – 79
    • Program – Boxing Day
    • Club – Aston Villa
    • League – Premier League
    • Country – Scotland
    • Skill Boost – Box to Box

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    Francis Coquelin

    Coquelin best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile

    Coquelin left as an Arsenal reject and has been since balling with Valencia and, later, Villareal in the La Liga Santander. Even in the game, he’s a great overall midfielder to have if you’re looking for more defensive solidity in the half-spaces. His passing and physical stats aren’t bad either, and he can be your team’s engine. He isn’t the fastest midfielder card, though. So, if you want a quicker midfielder, you’ll have to go for someone else.

    • Position – CDM
    • Overall – 79
    • Program – UCL
    • Club – Valencia CF
    • League – La Liga Santander
    • Country – France
    • Skill Boost – Destroyer


    They’re the players responsible for stopping the opponent’s attacks. A good defender should have superb defence and physical stats. The pace and passing stats can also be a bit on the higher side.

    Theo Hernandez


    Ask any FIFA console player, and they’ll tell you that Theo Hernandez cards are beasts in-game. This is no different for the player’s cards in FIFA Mobile. His stats make him highly versatile for a left-back, and he can play virtually anywhere on the pitch. However, he’s best used as a left-back or a left-wingback.

    • Position – LB
    • Overall – 75
    • Program – Team of the Week (TOTW)
    • Club – Milan
    • League – Seria A TIM
    • Country – France
    • Skill Boost – Crossing

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    Nick Pope

    Pope best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile

    In our list of defenders, we’re also including goalkeepers, as they’re your team’s last line of defence. The game’s meta favours bigger goalkeepers this year, even if their speed stats aren’t the best. With Nick Pope, you get an imposing 6’7″ keeper whose long hands can reach almost any corner of the goal. With the right chemistry, Pope is virtually unbeatable in the game. He might be a bit more expensive than usual, thanks to the infamous “English tax” on English player cards.

    • Position – GK
    • Overall – 77
    • Program – Base
    • Club – Burnley
    • League – Premier League
    • Country – England
    • Skill Boost – GK Positioning

    Summing up

    So, this was our list of the best players for beginners in FIFA Mobile. We’ve included two players for each major facet of the team. Hopefully, you get these players at the right price. Linking them properly will give you a meta player card that will perform better than most other expensive cards without any chemistry. Ensure that you scout the market well and check their prices before investing in the player cards. Lastly, if you have any other player recommendations, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to check them out in the game!

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