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    5 Best Printers Under 5000 In India 2023


    If you want the best printers under 5000, check out our top picks from Canon and HP!

    By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
    Updated: 9th Jan 2023 02:58 IST

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      Canon PIXMA E477
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      HP Deskjet 2331
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      Canon PIXMA MG2577s
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      HP Deskjet 1212
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      HP Deskjet 2332
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      The takeaway

    Highlights of the Story

    • The best printers under 5000 combine affordability and functionality.
    • These printers provide good fundamental features.
    • Check out our top picks for affordable printers!

    When looking for printers on a tight budget, you should look for printers that perform the standard tasks well. Some printers under 5000 offer a few extra functionalities, but those are few and far between. As one of the most popular computer peripherals, you need your printer to perform all the essential tasks without a hassle. So, if you’re working with a shoestring budget for a printer, whether at home or office, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll have a rundown of the best printers under 5000 that you can buy today.

    Note: Some printers are often upgraded with new features and have new variants available. Ensure that you do your research before buying a printer.

    Canon PIXMA E477

    Canon PIXMA E477

    We’re cheating here slightly with the Canon PIXMA E477, as its current price is slightly above INR 5000. However, you get a whole host of features by just paying INR 500 more than the initial budget of INR 5000. So, in our eyes, it’s definitely worth the small extra amount. This printer does it all – scan, print, and copy. Moreover, it has an extensive range of connectivity options, with Wi-Fi, USB, and cloud printing features. The E477 has sound colour reproduction and pixel DPI for printing high-quality material as well. Lastly, it also supports multiple page options, such as A4, B5, and Legal. Overall, it’s an excellent printer for the price!

    Good colour reproduction and pixel densitySlightly noisy operations
    Multiple connectivity options
    Supports different types of paper printing

    X-Factor: Performs all the crucial tasks exceptionally well, which is a rarity in this price segment.

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    HP Deskjet 2331

    HP Deskjet 2331 best printers under 5000

    The HP Deskjet 2331 is one of the most compact and lightweight printers that you can buy under the budget of INR 5000. It performs all the essential functions of printing, scanning, and copying, and is remarkably easy to use. Its small size ensures that no matter how packed your office space is, you can fit this printer into your office setup relatively easily. Moreover, the cartridges in the printer last for a pretty long time, as compared to other printers in this price range.

    Does the fundamentals wellPrinting quality won’t match laser printing quality
    Lightweight and compact
    Long-lasting cartridges

    X-Factor: Small size and lightweight design make this perfect for home or home office use.

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    Canon PIXMA MG2577s

    Canon PIXMA MG2577s

    For those of you who require a printer at your home for casual use, the Canon PIXMA MG2577s is a great choice. Its inkjet functionality ensures that you get high-quality printouts every time. It also supports a variety of page types, such as A4, B5, LTR, LGL, and even Custom Size. The printer also comes with a high pixel density to ensure that your photos look their best on print. The colour reproduction technology pairs with the high pixel density to offer some excellent printing quality.

    Inkjet functionality provides good print qualityInk cartridges require quick refills
    Accurate colour reproduction and high pixel density
    Supports various types of paper sizes

    X-Factor: Its printing quality is far better than most other printers in this price range.

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    HP Deskjet 1212

    HP Deskjet 1212 best printers under 5000

    The HP Deskjet 1212 is one of the most affordable printers on the market today. Despite the low pricing, it performs surprisingly well even today. It offers a single function colour printing option, and its printing speeds aren’t half bad either. Moreover, if you’re taking colour printouts, the printer provides a massive 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution that ensures highly accurate colours and details on your printouts. Quite surprising for a printer this affordable, isn’t it?

    Highly affordable pricingNot ideal for home offices
    Fast printing speeds
    Very high DPI resolution on colour printouts

    X-Factor: At this price range, you won’t find a better colour photo printer than the Deskjet 1212.

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    HP Deskjet 2332

    The HP Deskjet 2332 is one of the most reliable printers for home office uses. It has an inkjet functionality that works well in case you’re looking for a faster printing system. In fact, this printer can churn out 7.5 pages of print per minute. At this price segment, this is relatively fast and is ideal if you’re someone who prints in bulk. It also comes with a year’s worth of warranty and supports multiple page types, such as B5 and A6 page sizes. Overall, this is one of the better options for printers under INR 5000.

    Ideal for home officesWired functionality is quite dated in 2022
    Fast printing process
    Supports multiple paper sizes

    X-Factor: Its fast printing speeds make it ideal for printing in bulk.

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    The takeaway

    From the above entries, it’s quite clear that there are some great options for the best printers under 5000. Whether you want something for a smaller office or a home office, these printers by Canon and HP should do the trick quite nicely. However, you should ensure that you check the functionality of all the printers before making a purchasing decision.

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