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How To Print From Android Smartphone Or Tablet


With the ever improving technology it is becoming possible to do more and more things right from your smartphone without having to reach out to a dedicated computer or a laptop, With the Google Cloud Printing app, it is now possible to print your documents wirelessly right from your smartphone or tablet running Android.

- Updated: 16th Apr 2020, 05:26 IST
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    How to add your Printer to Google Cloud Print
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    How to add the Google Cloud Print app to your Android Smartphone or tablet
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    How to Print a file from your Android Smartphone or Tablet

These days we have a lot of printers in the market that support cloud print technology, it is possible to purchase any of these printers and set it up on your Local WiFi network for it to able to access the LAN and print the documents. Some printers also support remote printing and allow you to print the documents from a remote connection.

However, if you have an old printer without Wi-Fi connectivity, you can still use it with any Desktop or Laptop computer that has a Chrome browser to enable cloud printing in the printer. Cloud Printing can be enabled by connecting the printer to any computer having a Chrome browser and following some basic steps.

If you want to take printouts from your smartphone to the Cloud Printer, follow the steps given below:

How to add your Printer to Google Cloud Print

If you do not have the latest printers or if your printer does not have Wi-Fi and cloud printing support by default then you can connect it to a computer in the LAN to convert it into a Cloud Printer. To do this, you will need to add your printer to your Google Chrome and enable Google Cloud Printing. Follow the steps below for a simple tutorial to add your printer to Google Cloud Print

  • Open Google Chrome on your Computer
  • Click on the menu icon to the top right corner, this should look like three horizontal lines
  • Now find the Settings button in the menu and click it
  • Look for the Show Advanced settings option and click it
  • This will list all the Advanced Settings in Chrome Browser, scroll down and click on Manage under the Google Cloud Print heading
  • Here look for the Add Printers button and click it
  • This should now show a list of all the printers that are connected to your computer, click on the printer that you want to add and select the Add Printer button
  • This should successfully add your printer to the Google Cloud Print service and you will be able to access it over your LAN for wireless printing

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How to add the Google Cloud Print app to your Android Smartphone or tablet

Most new smartphones come with Google Cloud Print as an in-built service, however, if you own a smartphone that is not as new and wish to use the Google Cloud print you can easily install Google Cloud Print from the Google Play Store. Follow below to find the detailed steps

  • Follow the link below in this article or Open the Google Play Store and search for Cloud Print.
  • Find the “Cloud Print by Google Inc” App, open the application listing and tap on the Install button.
  • Once the application is successfully installed you will be able to open it and look for printers.
  • If you are using the same Google account on your smartphone and the computer then you will be able to see the printer that you have activated in the previous steps.

Download Cloud Print from Play Store

How to Print a file from your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Now that you have Google Cloud Print setup on your Android device and the computer connected to the printer, you are ready to start printing. Follow these final few steps to get started and printing your documents.

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How to Print from Android smartphone or Tablet Google Cloud Print

  • Find the file that you are looking for and open it, you can also print out Google Chrome pages.
  • You can open files stored locally, in photos, Gmail, Docs, files manager or other files on Cloud Services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Once you have located the file that you want to print out, tap on the menu button to the top right of the screen, this should look like three dots
  • Now select the print option and tap on the drop-down arrow to open the selection details.
  • Find the printer that you want to select and choose it
  • Then tap the print button which is the printer icon itself and the printing process will be initiated

The printing process is similar for both local and online files. You can use the Google Cloud Print to easily take physical printouts of documents to form your Android Smartphone and Table without the inconvenience of connecting them physically. While it is recommended to have a printer that supports cloud printing by default, it is also possible to use any standard printer by making small changes and adding it to your Google account and enabling Google Cloud Print through your desktop or laptop computer.

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Google Cloud Printing is now included by default on most new Android smartphones that have Google Play services, however, you can also use the manual installation on your smartphone if your device doesn’t come with it pre-installed. Google Cloud Print works with most printers with minimum additional setup and will synchronise with your Google Account to provide an overall seamless experience.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Android devices have become very capable and have grown a lot in popularity over the past few years
  • A lot of people use Android Tablets and Smartphones at work and need access to printing documents
  • Google Cloud Print allows you to wirelessly print to a compatible printer from your smartphone without any physical connection.

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