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    Read This Only If You Are A Money Heist Die Hard Fan


    Money Heist is one of the famous Netflix series. It has acclaimed the position for being the most thrilling and suspense screenplay of it. All the fans of Money Heist want to flaunt their fandom in one way or the other. Here, we have come up with a few things that you can do as a fan to show off.

    By Akhil Taneja | 
    Updated: 29th Nov 2021 16:18 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      How To Set “Bella Caio” From Money Heist As A Ringtone
    • 2
      How To Download Money Heist Wallpapers
    • 3
      How To Get Money Heist WhatsApp Stickers
    • 4
      Do Play This Game If You Are A True Money Heist Fan!
    • 5
      How To Listen To “Bella Ciao” Songs On Your Android Smartphone!
    • 6
      Our Thoughts

    Highlights of the Story

    • Netflix recently dropped the most-awaited Money Heist Part 4.
    • There are many fans across the globe for this show.
    • What fans can do to flaunt their fandom is very limited.
    • Here, we have come up with a few things one can do as a Money Heist fan to show off their fandom.

    Money Heist Season 5 part 2 is nearing its premiere on Netflix this week. Almost everyone is a fan of the series and what makes this season more interesting is that this will be the finale season of the series. Ahead of its premiere, Netflix India dropped a new video in which Ayushmann Khurrana doubles up as the Professor. This thrilling series is now coming to its end but the love from fans are never-ending. Even with the midseason finale featuring an epic stand-off between Spain’s armed forces and the robbers that have caused them so much trouble, and [spoiler alert] Tokyo’s death – Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 is the most awaited finale part everyone’s waiting for!

    As you have read the title of the post, you must be here only if you are a Money Heist: Le Casa De Papel fan. As a fan, there are many etiquettes to follow for one’s self-satisfaction, such as following the updates, have the merchandise of the theme, wallpapers, stickers used while chatting, and many more. Again, it is not supposedly necessary to follow these even if you are a big fan, but you must be looking for some, at least. We here at Cashify have huge Money Heist fans among ourselves and compiled this list for all the other fans out there.

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    How To Set “Bella Caio” From Money Heist As A Ringtone

    We’ll start off with the most essential one, setting the theme song of Money Heist as a ringtone.

    • First, you’ll have to decide which soundtrack of the series you want to set as your ringtone. To do so, you can check out all the soundtracks of Money Heist from Spotify
    • Check the name of the song that you want, or, if you already know it, just head over to Google from your browser and insert the title and search, as shown below.
    Read If Money Heist Fan ringtone
    • Open the Zedge link and check for your preferred track. Then, select it and click on download.
    • After that, head over to your device settings and open Audio settings.
    • In there, check for the ringtone sections and click on select Ringtone from internal storage.
    Read If Money Heist Fan ringtone
    • Now, select the downloaded audio file from the list.
    • That’s it, and you have successfully set Bella Ciao as your ringtone.

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    How To Download Money Heist Wallpapers

    • Click here, download, and install the iWall Money Heist wallpaper app.
    • Next, open it up and allow the permissions requested.
    • Now, you can select the wallpaper of your choice and choose to either save it or set as wallpaper after cropping it.
    Read If Money Heist Fan Wallpaper

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    How To Get Money Heist WhatsApp Stickers

    If you are looking to show your love for Money Heist while chatting with your friends, what is better than using stickers? All you have to do is download the STICKERSBAY app from the Play Store and follow the below steps.

    • Download and open the app. Upon opening, you will have various stickers that you can use. Choose the La Casa De Papel pack and click on the add to the WhatsApp button.
    • You can now open your WhatsApp chats and send it to your group of Money Heist fans to flaunt it.

    Read If Money Heist Fan Stickers

    Do Play This Game If You Are A True Money Heist Fan!

    The next app is for all the trivia geeks who would love to answer questions about the series. It is called Quiz for Money Heist, and you can download it from the Play Store for free.

    • Opening up the app, you get the home screen on which you’ll have control over the language, music, the Play button, info about the app, and more games from the developer.
    • After clicking the Play button, you get the categories section where you can compete in Characters, Facts, and Actors trivia.

    Read If Money Heist Fan Quiz

    • Inside the Characters, you will have to pick the right name of the character shown in the picture.
    • For the Facts section, you can bet some coins that you have that you will pick the right answer. And if you do, you will be awarded double the coins.
    • And in the Actors section, you will be shown the pictures. From them, you will have to answer it by picking their original name.

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    Read If Money Heist Fan Quiz

    How To Listen To “Bella Ciao” Songs On Your Android Smartphone!

    Last but not least, Bella Ciao – Money Heist 4 is a music app that plays Bella Ciao music for you. It has a simple interface with two buttons that you can use to play two different versions of the Bella Ciao song. It will be beneficial when you have a Money Heist fan gathering.

    Read If Money Heist Fan Music

    So, these are some of the best ways to have fun being a Money Heist fan. Get ready to dive in and show off your fandom to others.

    So, these are some of the best ways to have fun being a Money Heist fan. Get ready to dive in and show off your fandom to others.

    Our Thoughts

    The Money Heist part 5 is coming with a lot of action and thrill that we all crave for. The epic series has become an internet sensation, so if you’re down with the Money Heist wallpaper, ringtone, sticker and games, then these apps are for you. Give your Money Heist fandom a cooler appearance and don’t forget to tell us how you liked the new part. Bell Ciao!


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