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    Best Ways to Level Up Fast in Free Fire

    By Ritik | 
    Updated: 16th Sep 2021 10:9 IST
    Best Ways to Level Up Fast in Free Fire

    Levelling up is a well-known element that is included in practically every video game because it is one of the aspects that distinguishes rookies from the top players. In Free Fire, levelling up faster means unlocking certain features at first, then earning rewards for reaching certain milestones. The rewards vary, but they are rarely worthwhile, and the required points get more difficult to obtain with each level.

    Levelling up requires collecting experience points, which is earned after each play mode except Training and Custom matches. However, here are some helpful ways to help you level up faster in Free Fire.

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    1. Using EXP Cards

    EXP cards can be used by players that want to level up quickly in Free Fire. Players will notice a significant increase in their experience level in the game as a result of the EXP cards, which double the experience points in every game. They can visit the Power-Ups section to acquire some of these cards and quickly raise their level.

    2. Playing Battle Royale Matches

    Because experience points are earned based on your own performance, it’s better to get a win with as many kills as possible. Remember that abandoning a match will result in the loss of all gained experience points, so stay and do not leave the game if a teammate is still alive.

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    3. Playing Clash Squad Mode

    Due to the faster-paced gameplay, Clash Squad/Clash Squad Ranked is one of the best ways to level up faster in Free Fire. If you use a double exp card, you’ll rack up a lot of experience in no time, depending on what milestone you’re at.

    4. Completing Daily Missions

    Extra EXP points can be earned by completing daily objectives or activities. The daily missions can be found near the game’s map area. Players can focus on completing the daily missions in Free Fire that will provide them with the most experience points which will help players to level up faster.

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    5. Spending/Purchasing Diamonds:

    In Free Fire, when a player tops up or buy diamonds, he or she will gain some free EXP points. These additional EXP points will assist them in levelling up their character more quickly in Free Fire. In addition, the player can perform several in-game activities to gain extra experience points and raise their game level.

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