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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 Arriving On September 10: Everything You Need To Know


Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 update is all set to land on September 10. The jungle-themed season is named ‘The Hunt’ and will feature tons of gun and character skins. The update will bring the much awaited maps, Terminal and Pine, to the game.

- Updated: 23rd Nov 2022, 18:49 IST
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    Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Maps
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    Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Battle Pass And Theme
    • Gun Skins
    • Character Skins
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    Operator Skills And Perks
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    Update(January 2021)
    •     Assault Rifles

Call Of Duty Mobile had taken the game to a whole new level with the Season 9 update. The gunsmith, the gameplay mechanics, the battle royale, everything changed and for the good. It majorly set the game apart from other FPS games. Furthermore, the gunsmith took mediocre guns and turned them into some of the best guns in the game. Call Of Duty Mobile is slowly turning the game into a mobile version of Modern Warfare and Warzone which is incredible. There is so much room to showcase creativity in the game now because of the gunsmith. Now, the Season 10 update is almost here finally.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Maps

When Season 9 came out, people were expecting to see the much loved map, Terminal. However, things really did not go that way but, Season 10 is finally bringing it to the game. The Terminal revolves around an airport where the players will have to fight it out for victory.

Additionally, the map is huge and several gameplay styles can be implemented in it by players from the look of it.

CODM season 10

Moreover, there will be another map from Modern Warfare named Pine. Pine is a jungle themed map which is set in a woods-like environment. In fact, Pine will be one of those visually appealing maps where amazing gunfights and duels can take place.

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CODM season 10

Two other maps named as Rebirth and Breakdown are supposed to arrive in future seasons as well.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Battle Pass And Theme

The Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 theme is named as ‘The Hunt’ and will be jungle-themed. The battle pass will be having several jungle themed weapons as well.

Gun Skins

The guns that we will see in the battle pass are:
  1. GKS – Scion
  2. LK24 – Backwoods
  3. XPR-50 – Arachnophobia
  4. RPD – Carnivorous

Character Skins

When it comes to character skins, in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 we will be seeing:

  1. Makarov – No Russian
  2. Outrider – Amazon
  3. Mara
  4. Ghost Mace

Moreover, as Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is right around the corner, we might see Frank Woods getting added to the game anytime soon as well.

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Operator Skills And Perks

The Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 will bring the much anticipated Equalizer Operator Skill to the game. This operator skill is based off of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. The operator skill is basically a dual gun yield which wrecks havoc to anything that comes in its way. Not only is it stylish, it literally kills.

Furthermore, @CODM_Updates also revealed three 3 new perks that are being added to the game. These are:

  1. Restock – Recharge equipment over 20 seconds. Replenish 1 extra Combat Axe
  2. Amped – Take advantage of faster weapon swap and launcher reload speed (excluding swapping to pistols and melee).
  3. High Alert – Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. Mark enemy and their equipment, scorestreak by aiming down sights.

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Call Of Duty is easily one of the most loved PC game franchises in the history of gaming. These updates only further reach out to the fans of the series and make the mobile game even better. The mobile game will take players on nostalgic and beautiful ride with the new Terminal map and we cannot wait for it.

Update(January 2021)

Best Guns Featured in COD Season 9 by Category

  1.     Assault Rifles

During a close contact game, Assault rifles come the handiest. They provide stability and more recoil than any other guns. There has been debate about the best AR in season 9. Plenty of options were available this season. DR-H, M4, AK-47 & Man-O-War.

There was a specific comparison between DR-H & AK-47. But according to many players, AK-47 makes the best AR in season 9.

AK-47 provides higher damage than DR-H. AK-47 provides better stability when substituted by its accessories. It provides higher efficiency in both multiplayer & Battle Royale mode.

In conclusion, the AK-47 is the best assault rifle in COD Season 9.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 10 will be named ‘The Hunt’
  • Season 10 will be a jungle-themed one
  • A new ‘High Alert’ perk will be added alongside the Equalizer Operator Skill
  • LK24, GKS, XPR-50 and RPD guns skins in the battle pass along with various character skins

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