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Get Your POCO X2 Charging Jack Replaced In A Budget


It may be inconvenient when the display on our phone’s charging jack cracks or breaks due to unintentional damage. Nevertheless, I ask that you not get concerned. Cashify provides the best services to repair or replace your screen if it has been scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged. You can find all of the information on Cashify’s screen replacement service that you are looking for on this website.

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2023, 13:28 IST
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    Method 1: Cashify Repair
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    Method 2: POCO service centre

Even though the POCO X2 was released in 2020 and is still in good working order, you cannot avoid hardware damage. After a given amount of time, the charging jack on most iPhones begins to malfunction, and you should change it as soon as possible.

In this post, we’ve discussed two of the best ways to have your POCO X2’s charging jack replaced.

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Method 1: Cashify Repair

First, you may use Cashify’s mobile repair service to get your POCO X2 charging jack replaced. Thanks to its low-cost solution, smartphone repairs can’t go on without it.

  1. Create a Cashify account by entering your smartphone’s information on the Cashify website or app.
  2. Look for Charging Jack repair on the home screen when you’ve finished. The POCO X2 is available as a model here.
  3. Then, you’ll be transported to the POCO X2 Charging Jack Repair page, where you may pick the smartphone’s colour. The repair services and their costs will be detailed on the following page. You may schedule a repair appointment by clicking on the Charging Jack.
  4. A primary charging jack replacement for a POCO X2 costs roughly Rs. 999 at Cashify. The typical user can afford it easily.
  5. A skilled service specialist will come to your location and fix your smartphone at your house with Cashify’s doorstep repairing service.

Cashify offers a three-month guarantee on its repair services since it only employs genuine smartphone components. If this happens again, you may use the warranty to have your gadget repaired or replaced for free.

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Method 2: POCO service centre

  1. The second option is to take your smartphone to a POCO repair facility.
  2. As a result, POCO’s services will cost more than projected since they employ authentic components.
  3. The cost of a POCO X2 charging jack replacement ranges from Rs. 1,500 to 2,000. This may be too high a fee for a simple charging jack repair.
  4. POCO also does not provide a home repair service, so you must go to the service centre on your own if you have a problem.

POCO’s POCO X2 is a great device that performs well. However, if the gadget won’t power on at all due to a broken charging jack, it’s essential to have the problem rectified as soon as possible. If your POCO X2 charging jack screen has to be changed, go no further than Cashify repair.

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You may find more specifications, reviews, comparisons, and associated news on the Cashify product page for all devices, including the POCO X2. In addition, You may also find complete information on forthcoming devices.


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  • You can schedule a screen repair for your POCO X2 by going into Cashify and making an appointment.

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