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5 Clash Of Titans Tips And Tricks For The Newbie MOBA Players!


Clash of Titan’s steep learning curve isn’t for everyone. In case you’re struggling with the game’s difficulty, you can follow our Clash of Titans tips and tricks to understand the game better!

- Updated: 16th Jun 2022, 18:39 IST
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    Choose your hero wisely
  • 2
    Do NOT go John Rambo
  • 3
    Learn the different roles
  • 4
    Keep an eye on the mini-map
  • 5
    Kill the Abyssal Dragon early
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With the rise of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games in the market, there are plenty of games that try to catch a player’s attention. However, very few games have actually succeeded and cemented their places as the go-to MOBA game, especially for Indian gamers. One of the games that come to mind is Pokemon Unite. If you’re tired of Pokemon Unite‘s gameplay and want to try something more expansive, Clash of Titans is the game for you. There’s a good chance that you may not have heard about the game. Basically, it’s based on a game called Arena of Valor (AoV). Since AoV wasn’t provided access to the Indian gaming market, Clash of Titans is here to take its place. In case you’ve just started playing the game and find it quite daunting, we’ve got some essential Clash of Titans tips and tricks for you!

Choose your hero wisely

Choosing hero

Like any other MOBA game, Clash of Titans often pampers the player with a huge range of heroes to choose from. Moreover, each hero is unique in their own right, with special attacks, stats, and looks. For the beginner, this can be slightly overwhelming. Before choosing your hero, ensure that you play a couple of games with different heroes, to understand your playing style and preferences. You can try heroes like Valhein and Thane, as they are easier to use. Once you’ve understood your playing style, it’s time to pick a hero and stick with them for as long as possible.

Use a specific hero until you reach the higher ranks. After that, you can switch around heroes a bit to understand what works better for the new meta. It’s good to have a basic idea about most of the heroes, if not all, to get a better understanding of matches and the opposing team’s structure.

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Do NOT go John Rambo

playing solo

As a beginner, you must play a safer game. Like every other MOBA title, Clash of Titans is competitive and it’s a team game. Since there are multiple roles such as Assassin, Marksman, and Tank, each role has a specific use and designation. If you’re playing as a Marksman, such as Valhein, and decide to take a lane yourself without communicating with your opponents, you will put your team at a disadvantage. Communicating with your teammates is essential if you want to learn how to survive and thrive in this highly competitive game. Take your time to assess the situation with your teammates.

If you’re playing with more experienced players, ask them what you can improve on to play a better game. Analysing your mistakes and learning from them is the only way to succeed in a game of this nature.

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Learn the different roles

Character classes clash of titans tips and tricks

As stated earlier, Clash of Titans has a wide range of heroes. These heroes are categorised under different classes, and each class has a specific use. If you take an Assassin character and try to play the role of a Tank, you will be destroyed by the opposition. To get a healthier understanding of the game, here are the various roles:

  • Warrior – They have substantial damage and health points, and are often responsible for initiating the attacks.
  • Mage – These characters have very low health points but can deal plenty of magical damage to the opponents. They’re preferred for mid-lane battles.
  • Support – Support heroes/Titans are responsible for healing allies and providing attack support when needed.
  • Assassin – The Assassin’s role is to flank. While the Warrior and Marksman characters take care of the top and mid-lanes, Assassins kill the enemies in the jungle. They can also flank enemies from different areas to give their team a much-needed push.
  • Marksman – This is the role that beginners usually play. A good Marksman is essential for any team, and can deal immense amounts of damage if used correctly. Some Marksman players can even carry the entire team.
  • Tank – Tanks come with the highest amount of health points in the team. This helps them take the attack forward and provide a distracting target for the opponents.

A good team is comprised of a combination of these classes. So, communicate with your team members to understand the strengths of each player and how they can work together to defeat the opposition.

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Keep an eye on the mini-map

Mini map

Clash of Titans features a mini-map at the top left corner of the screen. Most beginners tend to look at what’s happening right in front of them, without taking into account the information that the mini-map provides. It can often show you points of interest and targets that the other team will soak up if you don’t pay attention. So, keep checking the mini-map for any interesting information so that you can follow up on them immediately.

Kill the Abyssal Dragon early

Abyssal Dragon

The Abyssal Dragon features in every game at some specific points of the match. Whoever kills the Abyssal Dragon gifts their entire team significant buffs to their in-game stats. This can be particularly useful if you’re in the initial stages of a match, as both teams start at the same level. While the Abyssal Dragon can be quite challenging to defeat, it’s better to take your shot at the early stages. If the Abyssal Dragon isn’t killed, it’ll return in the latter stages of the match with significantly more health and damage output. This makes the creature far more challenging to kill.

So, target the Abyssal Dragon as early as possible. While it will require team coordination and patience, the buffs granted in the match’s early stages will propel you further towards victory. This is one of the most underrated Clash of Titans tips and tricks that you can use.

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Clash of Titans is one of the most popular MOBA games in India today. While the MOBA gaming segment in India has just started to take off, there’s no doubt that Clash of Titans will be heading the segment in the coming months. If you’ve just started playing the game, we hope that these Clash of Titans tips and tricks will come in handy in your first few hours with the game. If you’ve found these tips useful, share this article with your fellow Clash of Titans beginner players!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Clash of Titans is a MOBA game that’s been developed for India, taking inspiration from Arena of Valor.
  • Since the learning curve of the game is quite steep, it can be difficult for players to get a grip on the game.
  • You can follow out Clash of Titans tips and tricks to elevate your gameplay experience!

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