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    Everything New In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10


    Season 9 has finally ended and it marked the beginning of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 today. Season 10 has brought the much anticipated Terminal map to the game. The Battle Pass also offers a variety of different character and gun skins.

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    Updated: 26th Nov 2020 09:23 IST
    Call Of Duty Season 10 The Hunt

    Highlights of the Story

    • There is are LK24, RPD, XPR-50 and more gun skins in the battle pass
    • Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 has brought the Terminal map to the game
    • There are a number of character skins including the ‘Mara’ skin
    • Season 10 has added the Equalizer operator to the game

    With each update, Activision tries to improve the overall experience of the game for players. Season 9 had received mixed reviews with players either enjoying it or getting too confused to play it. The Season 9 was indeed a massive update which brought the gunsmith to the game.

    Although the gunsmith offers players the ability to be creative with their gun builds, it takes time getting used to. It is especially challenging for those who do not have an idea about gunsmith works from either Call Of Duty Warzone or any other game. The theme of this season is named The Hunt.

    Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: Battle Pass

    Call Of Duty Season 10 has brought a variety of different things to the game.

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    The most important addition is the much awaited Terminal map. While Terminal has been added as the ‘Terminal 24/7’ section where random game modes come up on the map. On the other hand, Pine will be added as a 2v2 gunfight game later on in the game.

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    Character Skins

    We also get to see tons of character skins and gun skins waiting to be claimed by players on progression.

    Furthermore, the Alex Zedra based ‘Mara’ is also added to the Battle Pass. In fact, that is the first character skin that players get as soon as they purchase the Battle Pass. Furthermore, the standard Battle Pass can be purchased for 220 CP while the premium one is available for 520 CP.

    The other skins in the Battle Pass are Outrider – Amazonas, Makarov – Splinter and Mace – Tombstone.


    When it comes to guns, one new gun has been added to the gun. This is the automatic shotgun, Echo. Players can get the default gun via the Battle Pass at Tier 21. However, the premium echo will be up for grabs for pay-to-win players at Tier 50.

    cod mobile guns

    Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10: All Gun Skins

    When it comes to the Guns, Call Of Duty Season 10 provides players with several epic gun skins in the Battle Pass. Players will get:

    1. GKS Scion
    2. RPD Carnivorous
    3. LK24 Backwoods
    4. XPR-50 Arachnophobia and lastly,
    5. Echo Demon Eyes

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    These will be available on purchasing the Battle Pass. However, free-to-play players can get a free ICR-1, Echo, Arctic.50, HS0405, M16 and HG 40 skin. Additionally, the new Equalizer Operator Skill is also available for free just by progression. Additionally, under the featured tab, the boarding pass event provides players with a Locus and ASM10 skin by completing certain challenges. Furthermore, the seasonal rewards are providing the HG 40 Flytrap, M16 Iridescent and GKS Freight Train skin. Also, player can get the Park – Ranger character skin by just logging in from the monthly calendar.

    From the looks of it, Season 10 indeed seems very promising. With so many free skins and a great credit store update alongside the battle pass, there are a ton of goodies for both free-to-play and pay-to-win players.


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