So, we are in the 6G technology era right now, or maybe not today. Surely 5G technology is a game-changer, it offers mobile internet speed to a level where we can’t imagine. However, there are only a few countries that have adopted 5G technology to a full scale, and for some, it is still a…2022-01-13 01:25:19Explained: What Is 6G Technology? Future of Telecom

Explained: What Is 6G Technology? Future of Telecom


6G seems like a dream of a telecommunication network, and we’ll have to wait for a long time to see that dream become reality. But for now, this exciting technology is in the research phase and will surprise us soon with its applications. So what is 6G technology and what is everything that it will bring to our table? Read now to know more.

Updated: 13th Jan 2022, 01:25 IST
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So, we are in the 6G technology era right now, or maybe not today. Surely 5G technology is a game-changer, it offers mobile internet speed to a level where we can’t imagine. However, there are only a few countries that have adopted 5G technology to a full scale, and for some, it is still a work in progress. So, in this developing technology, a new addition seems like a step ahead in the future, and there are some questions that need to be answered.

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So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world 6G technology.

What is 6G Technology?

6th generation or we like to formally call it 6G, is the future of telecommunication networks. Very likely, it will be the successor of the currently spreading 5G technology and has the potential to bring revolution in the digital space.

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The 6G telecom spectrum will have a higher frequency compared to the current 5G network, which is around 600MHz to 2.6GHz. The 6G spectrum will land somewhere around 100GHz to 3THz. This high frequency will be capable to deliver a wireless internet of 5gpbs to 10gbps, it’s a massive jump from a 5G network which is expected to deliver 500mbps to 1gbps speed.

What is the Benefit of 6G technology?

What is the Benefit of 6G technology_

Speed, latency, automation, AI and virtual world. To be honest, we aren’t just looking at the benefit of 6G, there will be a whole new virtual world at your fingerprint. I wouldn’t look at 6G as an internet service that will allow you to watch 8K content on your screen without any buffer, frankly, that would be an understatement.

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The 6G network is destined to be a kind of cellular network that would unify our experience across the physical, digital and human world. You’re not just looking at smart cities, there will be legit cyberpunk night city if we play our cards right. Interesting...

What is the Use of 6G?

6G is aiming to not just revolutionise the digital space, it is literally going to create a new virtual world. The artificial intelligence system might become a new normal and computational capabilities of a system will reach to new summit, we are looking at the full multifunctional system automation.

A massive network of intelligent systems will take advantage of the 6G network, sensors with the combination of AI/ML will bring real-time synchronous updates. Digital twin models will be created that will mimic the physical words and with the computation power of data and algorithms, it will easily solve complex problems and bring new possibilities.

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Surely, smartphones will be the primary device that will utilise the 6G technology. However, healthcare will get a direct benefit from advanced AI/ML systems that will be able to get a quick diagnostic of a person via the implanted sensors.

In addition, 6G will also be more energy-efficient and might consume less power than 5G. The new tech is also aiming to use renewable energy as its primary source of energy, thus having a very by Nokia, Harish V. Head of Radio Systems Research states 6G as, “The role of next-generation networks is the unification of our experience across the physical, digital and human world.”

Implementation of 6G Networks

6G Network

6G will not be cheap to implement. A high-frequency spectrum will require multiple end nodes, that will sit at a very close distance, this will additionally require more power and more network equipment. If I can loosely translate this that you might require thrice more networking devices to cover a certain area with a 6G telecom network than compare to 5G; and truth be told 5G is already expensive to implement.

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Surely some brands are looking at cheaper data rates for 6G, but this might just be a gimmick since no sane telecom network will invest a significant amount in tech and offer it for less than the actual capital cost. The greatest challenge thus far is the networking devices that can deliver frequency up to 5GHz +, and if you can create such a device at a cheaper rate such higher frequency will have a lower range, and you might need more networking equipment to cover the area, making the cost of the internet very high.

At The End

If I’m honest, I should say that there is no scope for 6G as of now. Surely the tech looks exciting and lucrative but the market for any remotely related technology is a subject of research for today. Nokia is aiming to launch 6G commercially by 2030, and sure, this might become true. However, in the current state where the majority of the country is struggling to implement 5G, 6G technology looks like a sci-fi dream. What comes next might surprise all of us.

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Highlights of the Story

  • 6G is the next generation of telecom communication, and it might have the potential to shape the virtual world that we all see in sci-fi films.
  • But, what is 6G technology and how will it benefit us?
  • Read about the new coming 6G technology and its scope, benefit and implementation.

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