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    Best Resume Maker Apps in India


    Resume making is super easy now with these excellent apps! Check the best resume maker apps in India here.

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 30th Apr 2022 22:42 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      10 Best Resume Maker Apps To Use in India
      • CV Engineer
      • Canva
      • VisualCV
      • LinkedIn
      • Go2Job
      • Resume Builder Plus
      • Resume Star
      • Microsoft Word
      • Professional Resume Builder – CV Resume Templates

    Highlights of the Story

    • When entering the professional field, a well-made resume is of paramount importance.
    • You can make an excellent resume or CV from your mobile phone itself!
    • From CV Engineer and the commonly used LinkedIn, here are the 10 best resume maker apps in India.

    Are you planning on making your very first CV and enter the professional world? We have you all covered as we present to you the best resume maker apps to use in India. What more, these are applications that work specifically on your mobile devices. We have put together a list of the greatest resume maker apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. Not only do you get a ton of some of the best free resume templates but also, an overall amazing resume building experience.

    The importance of a good CV is that it allows you to secure that great first impression in the professional world. Before getting called for an interview, your interviewer will go through your CV. If you have to-the-point and great looking CV, you have pretty much cracked eighty percent of it. Without any further ado, let us take a quick look at the best resume maker apps to make a lasting impact on your interviewer!

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    10 Best Resume Maker Apps To Use in India

    CV Engineer

    Let us just start off by saying that CV Engineer is the simplest and easiest to use. The simplicity with its controls and wide variety of resumes to choose from makes it a GOAT in the realm. This is the most popular app in the sphere and is definitely something you would want to try.

    Just fill in your details in some of the best resume formats for freshers and get a fantastic CV for yourself out of this app in minutes. There are so many free resume templates to choose from and work upon. If you are looking for the best resume builder with some of the best resume templates, this app is a must-try for you. However, beware! Once you try this, you are probably not going to try other applications.

    Another interesting thing is that this resume maker was actually made by a recruitment consultant. So, you do know that your very first steps into the professional world are in right hands. The app is a hundred percent free but, if you want, you can totally contribute later on. All-in-all, easily one of the best resume builder apps to use right now for free!

    Get it here – Android, iOS

    What makes stand out is the fact that it is the one and only completely free resume maker. Yes, that includes there not being any in-app purchases, subscription plans and the like. A HUNDRED PERCENT FREE, in the truest sense of the sentence. That instantly makes it enter this list of the best resume maker apps in India.

    In addition, while you edit your resumes, you get to see a real-time preview of the same. This gives you an insight into how the resume is turning out. What more, you also get an in-built cover letter builder. This allows you to make a cover letter alongside as well. You can download all resumes and cover letters you make in not just PDF but a whole bunch of other formats as well, as per your convenience.

    If that was not enough, there is a built-in job search tool as well. Here, you can search for jobs from the app itself and apply using the resume you built. Massively convenient, need to say.

    Get it here – Android, iOS


    Canva is an ultra-popular name in the designing segment. It offers SO MUCH in terms of customisation options and more, that your mind is definitely going to be blown. Not just resume, Canva offers design templates for pretty much EVERYTHING. You definitely need to check the app out as not only will it take your resume building game to a whole new level, it’ll offer a lot more. The amazing collection of some of the best resume templates makes it stand out.

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    The only downside is that quite a lot of the good templates are premium. However, if you do want to get a Canva subscription, it is definitely worth it, not going to lie. You get so much for the price. Besides, you are probably going to make an everlasting first impression with a great CV. If creativity is what you like, Canva is the best resume maker app on this list!

    Get it here – Android, iOS


    If you want a minimalistic and super satisfying resume building experience. VisualCV is actually a Visual Treat! However, it is way beyond being just an eye candy. The utilities of this CV maker are just way too good and easy to make use of. Overall utility coupled with the visual treat that it is makes it enter our list of the best resume maker apps to use in India! You get some of the best resume maker templates for free via this app.

    Besides, it is free to use for both Android and iOS users. On top of that, if you have a well-made LinkedIn profile, it is a plus for you. You can easily import your resume data from LinkedIn in seconds and rebuild on that. It does save a lot of time. There are a bunch of templates to make use of as well. VisualCV is a super easy to use and light CV maker that will definitely help you stand out in a crowd of applicants.

    Get it here – Android, iOS


    LinkedIn is the most popular app to use in India. Not only does it allow you to apply for jobs from a huge list, you also get to make your CV in the app itself. You can build your very own profile on LinkedIn and start off right away.

    Besides, it is a social media for working professionals. So, you can make connections and in this way, who knows what opportunity will come knocking at your door. Either way, an excellent platform to market your skills and resume.

    In addition, LinkedIn also offers an excellent platform to learn some essential job skills, called Linked Learning. So, if you are looking for the best resume format for freshers or anything along those lines, Linked Learning will be of massive help. The takeaway being LinkedIn is easily the biggest and one of the best online resume maker apps to make use of today!

    Get it here – Android, iOS


    Go2Job does what LinkedIn does but, on a significantly lower scale. However, you can easily search for jobs and send out your CV directly from the app itself. The in-built resume builder is one of the best. It is to-the-point and allows you to search for jobs quickly. As soon as you open the app, you are required to put in your name and position. Accordingly, it shall create a profile for you.

    Below, you will find the jobs section. Tapping on this redirects you to job listings for your desired position. What more, it is in tie up with Indeed. So, you get an actively refreshing Indeed feed for your desired job position! Indeed is one of the most sought after platforms to look for jobs in India. So, surely a massive plus.

    In addition, in the home page of the app, you can tap on ‘Fill in Resume’. Fill out the details and just like that, your CV is all set to be sent out to companies. Definitely one of the most underrated yet, best resume maker apps to use in India.

    Get it here – Android, iOS

    Resume Builder Plus

    If you are an iOS user, Resume Builder Plus is THE best resume maker app for you to use in India. It is easy peasy lemon squeezy to use and does not take up much space. There are quite a few minimalistic and highly professional templates to choose from. Once you are done, just export your CV as PDF, Print it or E-mail it. You can also choose to save it in Cloud. The only downside? It is limited to iOS users only and is the only one on this list at that.

    Get it here – iOS

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    Resume Star

    Resume Star is another resume builder application that is very popular amongst iOS users. However, unlike Resume Builder Plus, this CV maker is available for both Android and iOS users. What makes it one of the best resume maker apps to use right now is its conventional yet straightforward approach.

    It does not puzzle you with way too many customisation options or templates. But, just a simple fill-in of your details and you are good to go. Leave the rest to the app and it shall create a simple yet very professional CV quickly! The simple format that you fill your details in is actually one of the best resume formats for both fresher and professional individuals.

    Get it here – Android, iOS

    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word is probably the most conventional way of making your resume. If you want to custom make your entire resume, Microsoft Word is the way to go for you. It may not be the most user-friendly out there but, definitely is worth the time and effort. You could make a resume that is completely unique on its own, not based off of any template. However, if you do want to use templates, there are multiple options to go with as well. Definitely one of the best apps to use as a resume maker on this list!

    Get it here – Android, iOS

    Professional Resume Builder – CV Resume Templates

    In just a couple of minutes, you can create a stunningly professional CV. There are an infinite number of templates to choose from. You could say that these are some of the best looking resume templates we have ever come across. There are multiple sections under which you have to fill in your details. These include your skillset, hobbies, achievements and in fact, you can make custom sections too.

    You can share your CV in PDF format directly without any hassle. Share it to your social media or as an e-mail attachment easily. Moreover, all you have to do is type in your details and that’s it, your CV will be automatically created. The fact that it is available for free for both Android and iOS users is cherry on top! One of the best and free resume maker apps to opt for indeed.

    Get it here – Android, iOS

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    It all comes down to which app you find the most comfortable to use. Every has different preferences and you should definitely find and stick to the app that is the best resume maker app for YOU. We certainly do hope that this apps helps you take your very first baby steps into the professional world with an excellent first impression! All the very best!


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