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5 Games Like Ludo King To Tackle Your Board Game Boredom


Ludo King’s dominance in the online board game market is there for all to see. However, sometimes you just want to tread off the beaten path. If you want to try something new, give these games like Ludo King a shot! We’re pretty sure you’re going to like them!

- Updated: 17th May 2022, 18:18 IST
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    Is there any trick to win Ludo King?
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    How do I download Ludo King for PC?
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    Moving on to the alternatives
    • Ludo
    • Ludo Neo-Classic: King Of The Dice
    • Ludo SuperStar
    • Ludo All Star
    • Ludo Party
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Ludo King was released all the way back in 2016. Can you believe that? Thanks to the global pandemic and people looking for ways to connect online, the game found an exponential rise in popularity in the past couple of years. To this day, it’s one of the most popular games around. In case you’re looking for an alternative, we’ve listed the best games like Ludo King.

Before we proceed, here are a few frequently asked questions on Ludo King:

Is there any trick to win Ludo King?

This is quite a common question. While you won’t find any hacks as such to win Ludo King, there are a few tips and tricks that you can implement into your gameplay. For a better look at these tips and tricks, you can check out our article here.

How do I download Ludo King for PC?

Fortunately, Ludo King can be played on PC and laptop. For those of you who don’t prefer playing games on the mobile but enjoy the benefits of a bigger screen, we’ve got the solution for you. Check out our article, which provides the steps for playing Ludo King on PC and laptop here.

Moving on to the alternatives

If you’re tired of playing Ludo King or are facing server issues thanks to the massive player count, it’s time to look elsewhere for your board gaming needs. There are plenty of board games available in the market that can still give you your money’s worth. If you’re willing to try out something new, you should go through this list to the very end. We’ll be listing some of the best games like Ludo King, with proper gameplay and interesting premises to help you tackle your boredom.

That being said, let’s look at these games!

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The first entry on our list might be a bit on the nose, but Ludo, developed by Yarsa Games, is an excellent alternative to Ludo King. It has a high rating on the App Stores for a reason. It follows the same basic rules that govern a game of Ludo. When you’re playing the game, you can play with up to 4 players online. The user interface is a bit dated compared to today’s standards. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have any server issues, and you can complete a game properly without facing any hassles. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to Ludo King, Ludo is your best bet.

Download: Android

Ludo Neo-Classic: King Of The Dice

Ludo Neo-Classic games like ludo king

This is another game like Ludo King that’s been gaining some popularity of late. This is primarily due to the fact that Ludo Neo-Classic supports major Indian languages. Now, regardless of their literacy level or language, everyone can play a game of Ludo with their friends. The game follows all the usual rules of Ludo without adding anything superfluous to the gameplay. It has a simple user interface and can be the perfect game for elders who want a simple yet elegant app to pass the time. While the game was released in 2019 without a multiplayer component, it has been added with future updates. Now, you can either play with a bot to practice or play the game online with your friends.

Download: Android

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Ludo SuperStar

Ludo SuperStar

Ludo SuperStar has one unique feature compared to the rest of the ludo games available on the market. While it features all the traditional rules in a ludo game, you can also customise the rules to make it enjoyable. Basically, this adds a factor of endless replayability. Moreover, there are multiple modes that you can play around with if you don’t want to mess with the game. Of course, you can play the game online with your friends and a new set of customised rules. The game guarantees almost endless fun!

Download: Android | iOS

Ludo All Star

Ludo All Star

This is one of the best games like Ludo King that you can play today. While it doesn’t do too many things differently than its competitors, it has a worthwhile upgrade system that adds scalability to the gameplay. You can win matches and earn in-game currencies or resources as you play online, either with strangers or friends. You can then use these resources to buy upgrades in-game. Moreover, there’s a “spin the wheel” option that you can utilise to win exciting rewards!

Download: Android | iOS

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Ludo Party

Ludo Party

If you want unique graphics in a ludo game, you must play Ludo Party. This game doesn’t offer much in terms of game modes. However, it has some beautiful 3D animation that can make the game of Ludo much more lively. This game provides a unique experience from animations to accompanying sounds – one that we’re sure you haven’t experienced in a board game. There’s real-time multiplayer as well, making this an easy choice if you want to try something new in the game of Ludo.

Download: Android


Well, these were our picks of the best games like Ludo King. If you were actively searching for Ludo King alternatives, we hope our list has helped you out. In case there are other alternatives to Ludo King that you prefer, let us know in the comment section!

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