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How To Always Win In Ludo King


Ludo king is the best board game to play on your mobile phone in India right now. This is why it is a must try for board game lovers and here are the top ways in which you can nail every game of Ludo.

By Yeti - 
8th Oct 2020
Ludo King

Highlights of the Story

  • Ludo is a game based mostly on luck
  • Ludo King has been in the Play Store since 2016
  • COVID-19 has boosted Ludo King players, big time

Traditionally, Ludo is also known as ‘Pachisi’ and is a centuries-old game that originated in India. If you give it a thought, the game has actually been around for over three thousand years! That is a very long time and for that, it surely is doing a great job at still being trendy.

The game allows users to keep their mind wheels turning constantly, trying to predict the opponents move and think about their next strategic move. Moreover, the more you play the game, the sharper you think. The probability of it all gives users a massive surge of adrenaline rush. This game works on the role of luck in a big way. It is extremely hard to predict the game because of this very luck factor. Ludo King has been available for download on the Google Play Store since 2016.

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However, what gave birth to a whole new level of popularity to the game is the ongoing pandemic. People started connecting with their old friends and family members over a game of Ludo King. This became the favorite past time of people as soon as the pandemic hit India. Additionally, the game has also teased a new ‘mask mode’ to spread awareness about the pandemic in a fun way.

Ludo King: Tips To Win Each Game

ludo king tips

#1 The 7-Steps Rule

One of the most important tips to win a game of Ludo is to think ahead of the opponent. You can do this by predicting 7 steps of the opponent and prevent their tokens from landing on yours. This step is important as not predicting or analyzing the opponent’s play style might end you going back to the home base.

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If you are new to Ludo, a way to win the game is by landing your token on the opponents token. This makes that particular token to go back to the home base and players need to drop a six on the dice to get them out again. This consumes a lot of your opponent’s time and leaves your opponent with less chances of winning the game.

#2 Patience Is Everything

Playing the waiting game in Ludo King can have amazing benefits. For example, if your tokens are placed on a safe zone which are denoted by star-shapes on the board and a bad dice roll has a chance of exposing you to your opponents, do not take the chance. Instead, wait it out till you have a good dice roll and keep distance or try to land yourself on the opponent’s token.

#3 Know The Rolling Rules

To start off, there are three situations where you can roll the dice immediately after your previous roll. These are:

> Scoring a six on the dice.

> Sending an opponent’s token back to their home base.

> Making it to the last square in the center of the board

These rolling rules will help you in understanding the game better and making quick strategic decisions.

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Understanding these tips and tricks will help you in getting better at the game and win every match in Ludo King. However, it is also important to understand that luck plays a very important role in determining the winner in this game.


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