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Get Rid Of Your Old Xiaomi Redmi 6A: Best Replacement


Many users are not satisfied with the Xiaomi Redmi 6A even though the price wasn’t even high. However, if you want to sell your old phone, Cashify will let you give the best deal, and you can also buy some suitable replacements for your phone.

- Updated: 21st Nov 2021, 21:07 IST
  • 1
    Specifications of Xiaomi Redmi 6A
  • 2
    Why has your Xiaomi Redmi 6A become outworn now?
    • Camera Performance
    •  Bloated UI
    •  Low value for money
  • 3
    How to get the best BuyBack value?
    • Step 1: 
    • Step 2:
    • Step 3: 
    • Step 4:
    • Step 5: 
  • 4
    Why should you choose Cashify?
  • 5
    Top Upgrade Options Available
    • 1. Samsung Galaxy F12
    • 2. Xiaomi Redmi 9A
    • 3. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 6A is a device launched in 2018 and was known for its bloated UI and underpowered processor. Continuing to use a phone like this in 2021 can be frustrating. Even Though Redmi 6A was available at a very feasible price rate, it failed to impress the users. If you are still struggling to find your way around your phone’s crawling performance? Stay here till the end, and let us help you make the best-upgraded choices that will fit your budget too! 

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Specifications of Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Based on the MediaTek Helio A22 processor, Xiaomi Redmi 6A functions on Android 8.1 Oreo. Launched in 2018, it has a 13 megapixels rear camera with a 5 megapixels front camera. With a 5.45 inches display, it is powered by a 3000 mAh battery capacity. It offered more than the average value for money three years ago, but it has surely become out of trend and mouldy to use now in 2021. The options available are now upgraded to provide a better interface while being in the same pricing range.

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Why has your Xiaomi Redmi 6A become outworn now?

Camera Performance

If you are someone who enjoys capturing precious moments and expressions of your loved ones, then using a device with limited megapixels will be redundant and outdated. For example, Redmi 6A has a 13 megapixels rear camera with a 5 megapixels front camera. However, it is 2021, and the market is brimming with better choices within the same price range. 

 Bloated UI

Xiaomi Redmi 6A, just like its predecessor (Xiaomi’s Redmi 6), is known for its bloated UI. Software bloat refers to a process whereby progressive forms of a PC program become distinguishably slower. In addition, it is also charged with innumerable ads.

 Low value for money

Redmi 6A lacks a fingerprint reader. And it exhibits an overall poor performance whether in terms of software, UI, or battery capacity, i.e., 3000 mAh. Thus offering limited to no value for money.

After going through these above-listed cons, you might be left wondering as to how to go about it now? And wishing to switch to better options available. Maybe buying a  new phone may be out of your budget, but if you get better value, you can exchange this old phone and upgrade to the latest advanced one.

We have the perfect way to solve your problem and a few recommended phones, which are a step ahead!

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How to get the best BuyBack value?

There are several online and offline options available for you. However, if you want to get the best value, we highly recommend using Cashify to sell your phone and buy a new one.

Step 1: 

First of all, simply go to the Cashify website and create an account if you don’t already have one.

Step 2:

 Go to the Sell old phone page and select your mobile brand as Xiaomi (in this case).

Step 3: 

Now, choose Xiaomi Redmi 6A as your device’s model, and you will then be redirected to the  Sell Old Xiaomi Redmi 6A page.

Step 4:

 Fill in the specifications of your phone and get ready to get the best buyback value for your phone.

Step 5: 

Now, you just have to wait for a Cashify executive to come to your home and collect your device. The amount will be paid to you by him or her after they have verified the condition of the phone.

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Why should you choose Cashify?

Cashify’s simple procedure and door-step pickup make it the most recommended method for selling your phone. Of course, you may try other stores, but it is guaranteed that none will provide a value higher than Cashify. Even more, the amount is transferred directly to your account to prevent any inconvenience.

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Top Upgrade Options Available

1. Samsung Galaxy F12

Samsung Galaxy F12

Powered by an octa-core Samsung Exynos 850, Samsung Galaxy F12 launched this year in April. It sports a terrific rear camera setup with 48 MP, 5Mp, 2MP, and 2 MP cameras and runs on a 6000 mAh battery capacity, which supports fast charging. So it does offer an overall decent performance at an affordable price.

2. Xiaomi Redmi 9A

Launched last year in June 2020, Redmi 9A is based on MediaTek Helio G25 (12 nm). Having a 6.53 inches display, it also sports a dedicated microSD card slot The device comes with Carbon Gray (Midnight Black), Sky Blue (Sea Blue), Ocean Green (Nature Green) colour options.

3. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro

A phone with a good build, dedicated microSD card slot, Redmi 6 Pro has everything that Redmi 6A lacks. Having 5.84 inches vivid display, it runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. Moreover, based on a 4000 mAh battery capacity, the device has good battery life.

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