The Vivo Y91 will catch your eye, especially with its lovely overall design. Its two-tone hue, plastic unibody, and polished softback make it a fantastic phone to hold in your hands. But with this beautiful handset, a broken screen can look odd and hamper your multimedia-watching experience. So if your Vivo Y91 also has a damaged screen and you want to know how to repair it, you have come to the right place.

Here, we will talk about two efficient methods through which you can effectively replace or repair the display of your Vivo Y91 smartphone. So let’s begin without further ado.

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Method 1: Cashify Repair

Your Vivo Y91 mobile phone can be easily repaired through Cashify’s doorstep repair services. To know how you can do that, please follow the below steps.

1. At first, log in or sign up through your mobile number on Cashify’s website or mobile app.

2. You need to then navigate to the mobile repair page. There, select Vivo as your brand and then search for Vivo Y91.

3. You will be then redirected to the Vivo Y91 Repair and Replacement page. Select the colour of your smartphone, and proceed ahead.

4. Now, all the repair options for the Vivo Y91 device will be shown. The exact screen repair cost is Rs. 3,099. Add this amount to the cart and select Book Now.

5. Enter or select your home address. After that, you can schedule a doorstep repair service for the Vivo Y91 smartphone at your scheduled time.

Cashify uses genuine parts and accessories for all repair services. The company also provides an additional six-month warranty for all screen repairs. Your private data will also be secured, as the device will be serviced in front of you.

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Method 2: Vivo Y91 Screen Repair at Service Centre

You can also choose to repair your Vivo Y91 smartphone at Vivo authorised service centre. However, the service centre could demand higher charges for your mobile phone screen repair, and visiting it is also time-consuming. Still if you want to go ahead, below are the steps to follow.

1. Locate the nearest Vivo authorised service centre in your area.

2. After reaching there, explain the screen repair problem to the available service representative.

3. They then may ask you to hand over your device for some days. This can be trouble if you don’t have a backup device to use.

4. Moreover, the screen repair cost for the Vivo Y91 smartphones approximately Rs. 3500. This is higher than what Cashify is offering for the screen repair of the Vivo Y91.

Most of the time, a convenient repair service is all your phone needs to get back in working order. Therefore, we advise using Cashify’s straightforward and hassle-free doorstep repair service to fix the Vivo Y91 display.

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