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Google Pixel 4a Teaser

By Sidhant Gupta - 
21st Jan 2020
google pixel 4a teaser

Last year Google revamped its strategy post their Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL disaster, with never-ending issues in their flagship line, Google went down and announced a budget variant to the Pixel 3 in the form of Pixel 3A. Now, we don’t know what the “a” in Pixel 3a stands for, but we think it might stand for affordable. The Google Pixel 3a series is the ‘lite’ version of Pixel 3 series. It has the same camera as Pixel 3, but some cost-cutting is done in terms of hardware.

Now, we know how well the Pixel 3a series performed for Google. For this reason, we are going to see a Pixel 4a this year as well. This will be the affordable version of Google’s Pixel 4 series released late last year. And here is a compilation of all the leaks and renders that are surfacing over the internet. 

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Price and Release Date

First of all, we will talk about the price of Google Pixel 4a, and we should mention that the Google Pixel 3a series was launched starting at $399. Therefore, we are expecting the Google Pixel 4a to also launch at the same price. 

In terms of release date, we are expecting the Google Pixel 4a to be available in the US by the first half of 2020. Just like last year, Google will release the Pixel 4a at the Google I/O 2020 conference. Therefore, we should expect this device to launch in May or J une of 2020, which is when the Google I/O traditionally takes place. We expect the device to arrive in India at the same time it arrives in the US. The expected Indian price is about INR 40,000.

Google Pixel 4a Reports

From the initial leaks and reports, we have understood that the Pixel 4a might be the only device to be launched by Google this year. This means we will not have any XL variant of the Google Pixel 4a which might be because last year the Google Pixel 3XL didn’t sell well and the smaller variant the Pixel 3A was selling well.

Another interesting report reveals that the Google Pixel 4a will have 5G variant as well, which we are not sure about. However, the price of Google Pixel 4a might increase if that is the case. The headphone jack returns and it will the have same camera quality as Pixel 4 even with a single camera.

There will be a rear fingerprint sensor on the device instead of Face Unlock which is seen on Pixel 4 series. We will also have a ‘hole-punch’ camera for selfies on this device whereas the Google Pixel 4 series has thick bezels at the top and bottom without a notch or hole-punch.

As far as the Indian launch of Google Pixel 4a is concerned, you might know that Google did not release the Pixel 4 series in India due to radar certification issues. So this will become the next smartphone in India from Google after the Pixel 3a series. Regarding the price, we expect Google’s Pixel 4a to start in India around Rs. 40,000.

Cover Image Source: @OnLeaks on Twitter

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