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Google Sheets Tips and Tricks You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!


Google Sheets can do a lot. Here’s all that you need to know about the best Google Sheet tips and tricks.

- Updated: 9th Jun 2022, 13:16 IST
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    10 Best Google sheets tips and tricks
    • Send emails when making a comment
    • Add heatmaps
    • Use CLEAN and TRIM
    • Protect the data in cells
    • Validate data in cells
    • Integrate with Google forms
    • Insert charts
    • Import data from the website
    • Modify capitalization
    • Translate text

Google sheets need no definition today. It is certainly one of the most powerful tools that we have known. And it is safe to say that Google Sheets is an advanced version of Excel and allows you to do a lot with its features. However, to make the most out of it, you must know certain Google sheets tips and tricks. These Google sheets tips and tricks are sure to increase your productivity.

Google sheets let the users organize the project flow and track everyone’s progress in real-time. So, unlock the full potential of Google sheets with these amazing Google sheets tips and tricks.

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10 Best Google sheets tips and tricks

Here, have a look at these amazing Google sheets tips and tricks and increase your efficiency while at work.

Send emails when making a comment

Google sheets is a great way to collaborate with others in real-time. However, here’s the thing- you can draw anyone’s attention directly to the sheet by sending them a mail and the best part is you don’t need to open mail for that. Instead, you can send mail when you are adding comments in the Google sheets.

Just add a + sign and type the email address followed by your comment. Once you hit the send button, they will be notified about the mail with your message automatically.

Add heatmaps

This is one of the best Google sheets tips and tricks that you must know. Heatmaps are a great way to draw attention to the important data on the sheet. You can highlight particular values using conditional formatting. You can also choose different colours to differentiate the data priority wise. It mostly comes in handy at the time of data analysis.


CLEAN and TRIM help you remove any unwanted character from the sheet. The CLEAN function lets you remove any non-printable character and with the TRIM function, you can remove whitespace from the start and end of the cells. This is certainly one of the best Google sheets tips and tricks.

Protect the data in cells

When a lot of people are working on a sheet, chances are some of the data might get removed or changed by mistake and you can’t afford that. Here’s the good news- Google sheets tips and tricks allow you to lock down some of the data in the sheet. You can also lock sheets and individual cells to protect whatever data. Furthermore, there is also an option to get a warning message before the data are edited.

Validate data in cells

Data validation lets you add selected data in a particular cell. You can set a pre-defined set of values to create drop-down menus. So every time, when people click on those particular cells, they can choose data that appears in the drop-down menu. This is important in case you have a fixed set of data and you don’t want any further addition to it.

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Integrate with Google forms

Google sheets can also be integrated with Google forms. So now you can use Google sheets to directly analyze and visualize the responses that you get in your Google forms. Just click on Responses inside the form and then choose the Google sheets icon to view it directly into the sheets.

Insert charts

If you have created a chart in the Google Sheets, you can insert it directly into a Google doc. This saves a lot of time and is super easy to do. Just click on Insert>Chart>From Sheets and finally click on update to save the changes.

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Import data from the website

Google sheets have different functions that let you import data from the websites and RSS feeds-

  • ImportHTML for importing HTML tables and lists
  • ImportFeed for importing RSS entries
  • ImportData for importing a web-based CSV file
  • ImportXML for importing a custom section of a webpage that you can identify with Xpath

Modify capitalization

Google sheets tips and tricks include the PROPER function that lets you capitalize the first letter in each word and with the LOWER function, you can make all the letters lowercase.

Translate text

GOOGLETRANSLATE function is super useful if your sheet contains data in different languages as it lets you translate the values of data in other languages. Just type this function followed by the cell number and rest assured.

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