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Most Used VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts That You Must Know


You can do a lot with your VLC Media Player and these keyboard shortcuts can really help you in that. Check the complete list here.

- Updated: 25th May 2022, 01:00 IST
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    VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows
    • 1. VLC Media Player Keyboard shortcuts for Playback
    • 2. VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Audio
    • 3. Display
    • 4. Playlists
    • 5. Subtitles
    • 6. Menu & Settings

VLC Media player is definitely the first name that would come to your mind when thinking of a video player. It has been around for a long now and supports almost all types of video formats. But if you want to make the most out of this video player, you must know about certain types of VLC media player keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate the app more easily.

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VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Here’s a complete list of the keyboard shortcuts for the VLC media player.

1. VLC Media Player Keyboard shortcuts for Playback

]Faster (Fine)[Slower (Fine)
=Normal rateShift + Left ArrowBack 3 seconds
Shift + Right ArrowForward 3 secondsAlt + Left ArrowBack 10 seconds
Alt + Right ArrowForward 10 secondsControl + Left ArrowBack 1 minute
Control + Right ArrowForward 1 minuteControl + Alt + Left ArrowBack 5 minutes
Control + Alt + Right ArrowForward 5 minutesNNext track
PPrevious trackTPosition/ Time
LNormal/Loop/RepeatENext Frame
Shift + MDisc MenuShift + OPrevious title
Shift + BNext titleShift + PPrevious chapter
Shift + NNext chapterShift + QQuit

2. VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Audio

JDecrease audio delayBCycle audio track
Shift + ACycle audio deviceMMute
Ctrl + Up ArrowIncrease volumeCtrl + Down ArrowDecrease volume

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3. Display

IShows the controller in fullscreenZZoom
Shift + ZReset ZoomFToggle fullscreen
EscapeLeave fullscreenPage + UpShrink the viewpoint
Page + DownExpand the viewpointAlt + 11:4 Quarter crop
Alt + 21:2 half cropAlt + 31:1 Original crop
Alt + 42:1 Double cropACycle aspect ratio
CCycle cropping ratioOToggle autoscaling
Alt + OIncrease scale factorAlt + Shift + ODecrease scale factor
DToggle deinterlacingShift + DCycle deinterlace modes

4. Playlists

Shortcut ActionShortcutAction
Ctrl + F1 – F10Set playlist bookmark 1-10F1 – F10Play playlist bookmark 1-10
Ctrl + WClear the playlistCtrl + YSave playlist

5. Subtitles

Shortcut Action Shortcut Action
Ctrl + 0Reset subtitles scaleCtrl + Mouse wheel upScale down subtitles text
Ctrl + Mouse wheel downScale-up subtitles textHIncrease subtitle delay
GDecrease subtitle delayShift + HSync subtitles
Alt + VCycle subtitle track in reverse orderVCycle subtitle track

6. Menu & Settings

Shortcut ActionShortcutAction
Ctrl + BBookmarksCtrl + COpen capture device
Ctrl + DOpen discCtrl + EExtended settings
Ctrl + FOpen folderCtrl + HHide/Show menus
Ctrl + IMedia informationCtrl + JCodecs information
Ctrl + LHide/Show playlistCtrl + MMessages
Ctrl + NOpen network streamCtrl + OOpen file
Ctrl + PPreferencesCtrl + RConvert/Save
Ctrl + SStreamingCtrl + TGo to time
Ctrl + VPaste locationCtrl + Shift + WVLM Configurator
Alt + AAudio menuAlt + HHelp menu
Alt + IView menuAlt + LPlayback menu
Alt + MMedia menuAlt + STools menu
Alt + TSubtitle menuShift + SSnapshot
Shift + RRecordRRandom
Enter Select menu entryArrow KeysNavigate menus

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Highlights of the Story

  • VLC Media Player is an open-source free platform that supports playing videos of all formats.
  • There are certain VLC Media Player keyboard shortcuts that you must know in order to make use of this platform efficiently.

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