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How Are You Fooled By Your Phone Dealers – A Funny Tale

By Akhil Kapoor - 
9th Jul 2020

A funny interview with a mobile phone reseller or as Gulshan himself says, the CEO of a telecommunication company, brought to you by Cashify. Now that we are growing on Youtube and creating regular content for our audience, we have come up with this video concept to keep you all engaged and entertained throughout.

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In this video, the reporter from Cashify interviews a smartphone dealer  Gulshan, from New Delhi to know more about the mobile phone business in the market. While Gulshan responds in his own Punjabi accent, the theme of the video starts to become entertaining, apart from being informative. Gulshan informs us in this funny interview about the whole new demand for smartphones and laptops during the coronavirus lockdown in the city.

The telecom company owner also tells us the tricks to convince the customers. Moving forward, there comes a funny definition of Gorilla Glass which is hilarious and adds to the fun. In his funny interview, Gulshan reports why the customers still sell their old phones to mobile phone dealers like him. Building trust and relationship is the top-most priority for a smartphone user.

The reporter is left speechless at Gulshan’s response. As you move towards the end of the funny interview, Gulshan feels all these interviews are a waste of time and he might have lost a few deals while he was giving the interviews, which adds to the humour.

Watch the funny interview till the end to know about how the business of a mobile phone dealer in an urban city operates.


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