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How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account


Is your account disabled by Facebook mistakenly? Don’t worry! We will guide you on how you can easily recover your account via some simple steps.

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2023, 11:06 IST
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    How To Identify If Facebook Has Disabled Or Locked Your Account?
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    Why Facebook Disables An Account?
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    How To Recover Disabled FaceBook Account: Easy Steps To Follow
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A Facebook account can be deleted or deactivated just as quickly as it was established. Users can mistakenly disable their own accounts under the Security area of their account settings. The Meta organisation may also disable accounts, either because the user broke the terms of service or because someone reported the account as infiltrated by malware, phishing applications, or other dangerous software. If you have also fallen under the same category, then you must be wondering how you can recover a disabled Facebook account.

You can quickly file an appeal to regain your deactivated account as long as you did not breach Facebook’s community regulations. Facebook will determine whether to reinstate your account once you provide your name, evidence of identification, and an explanation via a custom form. We now take a look in detail at how you can exactly recover your Facebook account. Let’s begin.

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How To Identify If Facebook Has Disabled Or Locked Your Account?

If your Facebook account has been disabled, you will get a notification stating that your account has been disabled. Even if you attempt to log in, you won’t be successful. If your Facebook account is temporarily blocked, you can access it by answering standard security questions. Facebook may also ask you to complete a Photo-Identification process. In contrast, for any deactivated or disabled account, you must provide proper documentation or a photo ID of your own.

Why Facebook Disables An Account?

Facebook says it will deactivate any account for any of the below reasons.

  • Posting content that violates the Facebook Terms of Service.
  • Using a fake or explicit name
  • Immiting a celebrity or any other well-known person.
  • Contacting other persons for the purpose of harassing, advertising, promoting, or other prohibited activities
  • Continuing to engage in activity that is not permitted on Facebook and violates Community Standards.

So, you can try to avoid any of the following guidelines to avoid deactivation or lock of your Facebook account.

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How To Recover Disabled FaceBook Account: Easy Steps To Follow

Accounts that breach the guidelines mentioned by the Meta organisation are usually deactivated or disabled by Facebook. The explanation explains why Facebook can opt to deactivate an account. Typically, someone using the account has participated in banned activities, improperly contacted other users, established accounts using fictitious identities, or otherwise violated the rights of an individual or corporation. If you are also seeing the same message on your login screen, then follow these steps to solve the problem:

  • Head to Facebook’s account appeal section. If your account is disabled, then Facebook will ask for all your personal details.
  • After entering them, Facebook may also ask for a personal ID. You can check all accepted IDs here.
  • Now, after submitting all the details and your ID, click on Send.
  • Once you have completed the form, it may take up to a week for evaluation, therefore you must wait at least a week before proceeding.

You must also check your email id, used in this account, because Facebook may inform you of the activation status once you’ve submitted your appeal, after some days via email id as well.


Unless you file an appeal, your Facebook account will be deactivated forever. Facebook may also try to reach you to verify the authenticity of your account. Verify that the enquiry is from Facebook and not a fraudster before answering. Usually, accounts that breach the company’s terms of service are frequently disabled.

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Also, if you feel Facebook accidentally deactivated your account, you may submit a review request to recover access. If you have a deactivated Facebook account despite obeying the company’s restrictions, you may be able to have it reinstated by filing an appeal. Hence, filing an appeal is the best solution to this problem and most of the times you can expect a quick resolution.

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