Recently, BGMI has come under fire from the Indian government yet again. The game has been banned from the Google Play Store, with the government citing security risks and unwarranted information sharing as the primary reasons. Basically, these are the same reasons why the government banned PUBG Mobile. However, many people have already started accessing the game through VPN (Virtual Private Network). Although VPNs tend to work well, they can also be incompatible with your network, causing lag and latency issues in the game. So, we’re here to tell you how to reduce latency in BGMI.

Since there can be multiple reasons for latency issues in a game, we’ll be covering various aspects of online gameplay. The solutions we’ve listed are a combination of easy and complicated. So, try them out at your leisure, and we’re sure you’ll experience fluid gameplay in no time!

Game Booster

Game Booster

Game Boosters are applications that perform multiple actions at the tap of a button. Basically, these apps clear up your smartphone’s storage, RAM, cache memory, and limit background processes to lighten the load on your smartphone. Essentially, they’re time-saving and ease-of-use apps. You’ll find plenty of people denouncing the effectiveness of Game Boosters. However, some of these apps have been known to fix specific issues and result in better gameplay experiences. As for the background processes and network parameters that are still running, the Game Booster can force these processes to work in tandem for the game.

While some smartphones come with native Game Boosters pre-built into the system, there are third-party apps as well. If your smartphone doesn’t have its own Game Booster app, you can use this.

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Change location

Changing location

BGMI servers are often under heavy duress due to the massive number of requests. This can be one of the significant causes of ping or latency in BGMI. So, one of the most effective tips to reduce latency would be to change the game’s location. An easy way to do this would be to play the game using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. There are plenty of VPN apps available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can try out the VPN apps of your choice and decide which works best for you. However, bear in mind that VPN services aren’t usually free. The free ones tend to work through a trial system and have daily data limitations.

Use 5GHz router

Use 5GHz router

Most Indian households have basic routers that can only perform essential functions and work at a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. However, recently released smartphones, even in the lower budget range, can now access the 5GHz Wi-Fi band. Since so many smart devices are operational on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, the band has to handle a severe amount of load. Moreover, if someone is using this Wi-Fi band to download content, the speed is bound to be low, resulting in latency. So, if your budget permits, switch to a better Wi-Fi router that utilises the 5GHz band. This will allow your smartphone to use the Wi-Fi to its full capabilities, resulting in much smoother gameplay.

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Change the DNS server

Change the DNS server how to reduce latency in bgmi

The internet runs on IP addresses. However, it’s impossible to remember the IP addresses of every page that we visit online. So, DNS (Domain Name System) servers change the domain names into IP addresses, making it easier for the browsers to access the pages we want. Although changing the DNS server will not directly impact your game’s latency, there’s a good chance it will reduce the time taken to resolve a domain name change or access. Moreover, changing the DNS server will also result in VPN access, thereby changing your location. Combining both aspects, there’s a significant chance of reducing latency in BGMI.

Thanks to apps, changing the DNS server on smartphones is relatively easy now. You can use apps like this to change the DNS server at the tap of a few buttons. Do ensure that you restart the game after changing the DNS server, however. Otherwise, it will not be effective.

Closing all background apps

Closing all background apps

Apps open in the background not only hog resources such as RAM and the battery but also use your smartphone’s internet bandwidth. This is more common in Android smartphones, as devices running iOS tend to close the app entirely and restart them when the user requires it. This is an example of good optimisation and RAM management in a homogenous smartphone operating system. However, since the range of Android smartphones is vast, it’s almost impossible to optimise Android to this extent. If you’ve got an Android phone, you should close all background apps before starting your gameplay session. This is quite a rudimentary tip but is known to be surprisingly effective in certain mobile gaming scenarios.

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Charge your phone before playing

Charge your phone before playing how to reduce latency in bgmi

Most people tend to charge the phone while playing the game itself. Although this may be a good method to save time, it’s also one of the worst actions for your smartphone’s health. Charging and using the phone simultaneously is extremely strenuous on the phone’s battery life. Moreover, the heat produced from gaming and charging the phone together will not be dissipated efficiently. This heat will be trapped inside the phone and cause serious damage to the microprocessors as well. Since BGMI is quite a resource-hogger, you should charge your phone sufficiently before starting the game. Additionally, if your phone’s battery is 20 per cent or lower, you shouldn’t play the game. At lower battery percentages, the smartphone switches to a Low Power mode that won’t utilise the phone’s resources.

Reinstall the game

Reinstall the game

You can use this option as a last resort if nothing else works. Thankfully, BGMI has a built-in reinstallation option called “Repair”. This option is available on the Login screen. Select the option, and the entire game will be reinstalled by the app itself. However, your custom settings and controls will be removed. This reinstallation process will also wipe out the game’s cache data, which is often a root cause of many apps’ problems. Restarting the game after reinstalling it should considerably reduce the latency in BGMI.

Summing up

We hope that you now know how to reduce latency in BGMI. As you can see from the above solutions, latency in BGMI can be caused by a host of different issues. If you’re unaware of any immediate problems with your internet connection, you can try these solutions to fix the latency issue. Are there any other solutions that you think we’ve missed out on? Let us know your thoughts and hacks for reducing ping in BGMI in the comment section below!

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