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How To Reduce Twitch Stream Delay On iPhone?


Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming services that is being used worldwide. However, despite its popularity, people experience stream delay while using an iPhone. If you have also experienced the same and searching for ways to reduce Twitch stream delay on iPhone, you have come to the right place.

- Updated: 26th Apr 2023, 13:52 IST
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    What is Twitch Stream Delay?
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    What Causes Twitch Stream Delay?
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    Methods to Reduce Twitch Stream Delay on iPhone
    • Enable Low Latency Player Mode
    • Resolve Live Streaming Delay
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Are you constantly experiencing delays when you’re streaming Twitch on iPhone and want to know the best way to reduce Twitch stream delay on iPhone? Well, you are not alone. Many people face this issue while using Twitch on their iPhone.

However, no need to fret! We have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss a few steps that you should follow to reduce Twitch stream delay.

Before diving deep into the steps, let us first understand what Twitch stream delay is.

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What is Twitch Stream Delay?

Twitch stream delay is the total delay you experience while watching live streams. It’s a kind of short and unavoidable delay. The streaming setup, internet connection, and geographical location can directly affect the delay.

For example, if you are a viewer from Australia but watching a stream in the US, you might have a longer delay than someone who is watching from a nearer area.

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On the other hand, a viewer who has a faster connection will experience a shorter delay. Remember that it is not possible to remove the Twitch delay completely. However, in this article, we will mention some steps that you can follow to reduce your stream delay.

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What Causes Twitch Stream Delay?

Just like other streaming platforms, Twitch stream also needs a steady information stream to run smoothly.

Delays occur due to a variety of factors such as bandwidth, internet connection, server load, and other possible issues along with hardware and software. When you play any video, it will be pre-recorded. So video playback will be smoother. However, Twitch live streams do not contain any pre-recorded information to buffer. So, its video playback will not be that much smoother.

Another reason for Twitch stream delay on iPhone is mobile phones are not as powerful as a computer or laptop and uses Wi-Fi internet connection. It can slow down the information that is sent to the device. This can be the real cause behind services such as live streaming being slow.

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Methods to Reduce Twitch Stream Delay on iPhone

There are two methods through which you can reduce Twitch stream delay. Let us go through them one by one.

Enable Low Latency Player Mode

Open Twitch App - Reduce Twitch Stream Delay On iPhone
  • First, open the Twitch app on your iPhone. The app has a purple icon with a white and black speech bubble along with eyes. Click on it.  
Click on Browse - Reduce Twitch Stream Delay On iPhone
  • Now, click on the live stream. When you do it, you will be able to find the live stream on the Following or Discover page, or simply click on the browse to choose the category. Click on the live stream and start watching it.
Click on gear icon
  • After that, click on the gear icon. You can see it in the upper-right corner. You will be able to see this icon when you click the centre of the window for video playback. It will show the option menu.
Low Latency Player
  • Now, scroll down. Click on the toggle switch stating “Low Latency Player”.
  • Besides enabling low latency player mode, you can even lower the video playback resolution by clicking on one of the resolution options. You can lower the resolution to 720p. Of course, when you lower the resolution, it will reduce the video’s image quality and allow easy streaming and less delay.

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Resolve Live Streaming Delay

If you want to broadcast something on Twitch, you need to follow the below steps so you can reduce the Twitch stream delay.

Close all apps iPhone
  • First of all, close all the apps that you are using on iPhone right now. If you have many open apps running in the background, it will affect your phone or tablet’s performance and be the reason for the extra delay in your broadcast. Therefore, instantly close all the apps in order to reduce the stream delay.

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Connect to WI-Fi System
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi system. Your internet connection should be reliable, and it can assist you in reducing the stream delay. If you are planning to use mobile data, ensure you have a strong 5G connection or 4G LTE connection along with an unlimited data plan.
Turn off all devices
  • You should turn off all other devices that are connected to Wi-Fi. If many devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it can slow down the internet connection speed.
Good upload speed
  • Ensure your internet connection offers a good upload speed. It is because the upload speed decides the sending rate of the data to other users. For a smoother experience, you require a high upload speed along with low delay.
Different Time Zone
  • You can try streaming at diverse times. Usually, during peak hours, internet connections are bogged down. Therefore, you can wait for a few hours and retry streaming. You can even stream when most people are not online.
Detach all hardware
  • You should detach additional cameras and microphones from the iPhone. If your phone is hooked up to multiple hardware, it can hog up speed and upsurge the streaming delay. It is specifically true for Bluetooth devices.

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In summary, the Twitch stream delay on iPhone can be frustrating. However, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can reduce Twitch stream delay on iPhone. You should check your internet connection, lower the stream quality, close the other apps, enable low latency mode, and use the wired connection. It can all help reduce the delay in your Twitch stream. Implement all these steps so you can have a better streaming experience and enjoy your favourite content on Twitch.

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  • These days, streaming platforms are one of the most popular ways to watch videos.
  • However, anyone who uses them on a regular basis knows that nothing is worse than lag or delay.
  • In this article, we will discuss how to reduce Twitch stream delay on iPhone.