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How To Use Android Phone As Laptop Speaker?


Are you in the middle of some important work or in the middle of a fascinating movie, and your laptop speakers give up on you? So, what will you do now? If you don’t know, check out this article to learn how to use your Android phone as laptop speaker.

- Updated: 28th Apr 2024, 18:35 IST
  • 1
    Using the same WiFi source
    • Download the third-party app
    • Download its desktop version
    • Connect both devices to the same Wifi
    • Open the third-party app on both devices.
    • If both devices are not connected, link them together.
  • 2
    Using Bluetooth, USB, or Wifi Tethering
  • 3
    Wrapping Up
  • 4
    • How can I use my phone as a sound for my laptop?
    • How do I get sound from my phone to my laptop?
    • Can I Bluetooth my phone to my PC?

Do you want to know how to use your Android phone as laptop speaker? If yes, this article might come in handy for you as we explore simple and easy ways to do it. There are many times you are on a Google Meet, and your laptop’s speaker decides to ditch you. Frustrating, isn’t it? We all have been there!

But, if you know how to turn your mobile phone into a laptop speaker, then it can solve your problem and save you from embarrassment. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

So, without further ado, let us get started.

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Using the same WiFi source

You can turn your Android phone into a laptop speaker by using a third-party app and following the below steps.

Download the third-party app

Download the third party app

The first step is to download a third-party app such as SoundWire. It will help you use your Android phone as laptop speaker. Of course, a few other apps, like AudioRealy, are available. However, go for the SoundWire app. It is an audio mirroring app. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store, and the app is relatively easy to use. It’s also completely FREE.

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Download its desktop version

Once you have downloaded SoundWire on your Android phone, it’s time to download the desktop version of this app. For that, you can go to SoundWire server and download the zipped file. All you need to do is unzip the file, extract it and install it on your laptop.

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Connect both devices to the same Wifi

Ensure your smartphone and laptop are connected to the same Wifi network. It is the main requirement; otherwise, this method will not work. If you don’t have Wifi, make use of your Android phone’s hotspot to connect your laptop and the internet.

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Open the third-party app on both devices.

Now, open the SoundWire app on your Android smartphone and the SoundWire Server on your laptop.

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Once you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, your Android phone and laptop will connect instantaneously. If it does not happen for some reason, it is required that you enter the server address manually. For that, you need to copy the server address from the SoundWire app on your laptop and enter it on your smartphone. After doing it, click on the SoundWire icon on your smartphone. Now, your smartphone will work as a speaker.

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Link the both devices together Android phone as laptop speaker

Using Bluetooth, USB, or Wifi Tethering

The SoundWire app allows you to use your Android phone as a laptop speaker by connecting them through Wifi tethering, Bluetooth, and USB. The entire process is the same for all three.

Let us see the steps one by one.

  • Set up the Bluetooth, USB, or Wifi Tethering from your Android smartphone to your laptop by clicking on Android Settings -> More -> Tethering & Mobile hotspot. To set that, you will need a working internet connection. Once the setup is done, try playing music on your laptop.

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Step -1

If the internet is properly working, go to the command prompt. After that, using the ipconfig command, and check your connection’s IPv4 address.

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Step -2

After that, enter the server IP address in the Android app. Click on the wire coil button. After the successful connection, the wire starts glowing, and music also starts playing. However, remember that the music quality completely depends on the internet connection. Therefore, sometimes, you can expect a few lags.

Step -4

SoundWire is basically an audio mirroring app that offers various features such as audio capture, audio compression, low latency, etc. This app is available in the free version, but when you use its free version, it will display advertisements and pause the video every 45 minutes. Besides, in the free version, you can only do audio compression for 10 minutes.

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Therefore, we suggest you buy a full version of it which will cost you around $3.99 (approx. Rs. 330). It will come with multiple client support, remove advertisements, and much more.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the ways to use your Android phone as laptop speaker. Hopefully, this article has been helpful. Do you know any other way? Or have you encountered any issues while trying to use your Android smartphone as a laptop speaker? If yes, do let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any doubts or queries. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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How can I use my phone as a sound for my laptop?

You can use your phone’s audio on your laptop by connecting them through Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB tethering. On your Android device, go to Settings, then tap on More and choose Tethering & mobile hotspot. Ensure your internet connection is active, and once connected, you can play music on your laptop as usual while hearing it through your phone.

How do I get sound from my phone to my laptop?

To get sound from your phone to your laptop, first, turn on Bluetooth on your laptop. Then, open the Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, and select Devices and Printers. Click on Add a Bluetooth device and follow the instructions to pair your Android phone with your laptop. Once paired, you’ll be able to stream audio from your phone to your laptop effortlessly.

Can I Bluetooth my phone to my PC?

Yes, you can easily connect your phone to your PC using Bluetooth. Simply ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your PC by accessing the Bluetooth & Devices settings in the Windows Start menu. Then, click on Add Device, choose Bluetooth, and select your phone from the available devices.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The speaker of your Android phone can do much more than intended.
  • You can even use your Android phone as laptop speaker. All credit goes to the sheer availability of connectivity options!
  • There are a couple of ways to do this, and we’ve covered them in detail here.

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