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How To See The First Post You Liked On Instagram?


Most users are unaware of Instagram’s “Your Activity” feature that keeps that of everything you do on the platform. The feature also lets you see the first ever post that you have liked on Instagram. And here is a guide to view the first post that you liked on Instagram.

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 22:28 IST
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    How to see the first post you like on Instagram?
    • What are the limitations on visiting previously liked posts?
    • Why do you want to visit previously liked posts?
    • What else can you do on Instagram?

Every week, I get a short video or a catalog of photos and videos I captured on Google Photos. For years earlier. Facebook shows posts you shared last, 2 or 3 years ago that you can share on your wall for others to see. Just like Facebook, Instagram is used by more than 2 billion active users with millions of people posting about their daily lives. Although it doesn’t have a feature to show your memories, it has a suite of features that you can use to find posts, comments, activities, likes, reels, photos, videos, and other assets you produced ever since you created the Instagram handle. 

One of the latest fads on the social media platforms are trends that can easily go viral be it the ‘My money don’t jiggle it folds’, or ‘Dalgona Coffee’, among others. People follow trends on Instagram and other social media platforms which keep on changing constantly. One of the latest trends that Instagram users are following is sharing the first ever post they had liked after joining Instagram. It has become a culture among millennials and Gen-Z groups who reprise their memories by sharing the posts they had liked years earlier. 

Instagram doesn’t just let you share photos, videos, reels, and whatnot, it keeps track of your activities that you can get your hands on when needed. It is a suite of built-in features where you can check out comments you made. It could be cringy, emotional, cute, or something out of this world, and yet, Instagram saves all this information that you can easily view at your will. 

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How to see the first post you like on Instagram?

Instagram makes it relatively easy to see your first liked posts on Instagram. Simply follow the steps below to get your hands on it.

1. First up, launch Instagram app on your phone.

2. Next, head over to your Profile page.

3. Tap on the three vertically stacked hamburger menu.

4. Tap on “Your activity” from the given menu. 

Instagram Your Activity Section

5. You need to click on “Interactions”. 

6. Now, click on “Likes” from the available menu.

7. There you have it. All the posts that you ever liked are now available right here. You can hit the “Sort & Filter” option to sort posts by Author, Start Date, End Date, and Sort By.

8. Select “Sort by >> Oldest to newest” and hit the “Apply button”.

Sort by Oldest to newest

9. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the last section to find the first post that you ever liked on Instagram. 

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What are the limitations on visiting previously liked posts?

Apparently, you can’t just find all the posts and videos you ever liked in the “Your Activity >> Interactions >> Likes” section. There’s a limitation of 300 recent posts according to the Help Page on Instagram. If you have blown over the 300 posts limit and say there are 301 posts at the moment, you won’t be able to visit the first liked post. Instead, it will be replaced by the second liked post on Instagram in ascending order. 

It goes without saying, the more posts you have over the 300 posts limit, the number will be offset from the earliest posts. Apart from that, Instagram records like made via the Instagram app on your phone as well as on the web. However, you can’t revisit these posts on the web, it’s only available on the phone at the moment. 

The ‘Your Activity >> Interactions >> Likes’ section will show posts that you have liked or double-tapped. It means any posts where you left a comment but didn’t like will not be available here. 

Why do you want to visit previously liked posts?

Of course, it’s not just the trends that you could be following to find previously liked posts. You could be trying to find previously liked posts to find some relevant information or account. It could be a helpful caption or comments in a post that you found insightful and liked to post. It could be a contest, recipe, workout routine, tutorial, products, and giveaways among others that you could be searching for. 

What else can you do on Instagram?

What else can you do on Instagram

Apart from checking out the first posts, you liked on Instagram, there’s a lot you can do. Here’s the list.

Time spent: You want to know how much time you spend on Instagram on a daily basis? Well, check out “Your Activity >> Time Spent” and you should get all the information you’d need on the time you spend on the platform historically.

Photos and videos: Need a historical account of all the posts, videos, reels, and highlights you ever posted on Instagram? Go to “Your Activity >> Posts and Videos” and get all the information in one go.

Interactions: Apart from posts liked, you can view reviews, comments made, story replies, and more on Instagram via “Your Activity >> Interactions”.

Account History: When did you change your password or the email? Need to know when was your account created? Go to “Your Activity >> Account History” for all the information you need. 

Recent Searches: What were the recent searches you did on Instagram? Check out the list here at ‘Your Activity >> Recent Searchers”.

Links you’ve visited: Instagram lets you add one link in the bio plus those in the stories that you and others share. If you want to check out all the links you have visited on Instagram to date, go to “Your Activity >> Links You’ve Visited”. Apparently, there are a lot of things you can do when you go through the ‘Your Activity’ section. 

Wrapping Up

There are probably hundreds of reasons why you would want to view your first-ever liked posts and share them if you will. Instagram allows you to access historical information on the platform, unlike many other social media platforms which is what makes it unique. You will definitely find it useful to locate the section where Instagram stores all your previously liked posts along with comments, reels, photos, and videos posted, among other details. 

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