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10 New Features Included In Telegram Premium


Telegram has announced its paid premium membership with the aim to help run the platform and develop it further. If users buy the premium membership of the platform they can get access to some of the new features that were not previously available.

- Updated: 19th Nov 2022, 01:48 IST
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    Best Features of Telegram Premium to Look Forward To
    • 1. No Ads
    • 2. Faster Download Speed
    • 3. Unique Collection of Stickers
    • 4. Animated Profile Pictures
    • 5. Doubled Limits with Telegram Premium
    • 6. Badges and Icons
    • 7. Better Chat Management
    • 8. Join Requests for Public Groups
    • 9. Voice-to-Text Converter
    • 10. Telegram Premium App Icons

Telegram has a vast user base of around 700 million. It is one of the top 5 downloaded apps around the world. Introducing new features has played a vital role in increasing its popularity among the audience. 

Focusing on providing the best user experience, the company has launched Telegram Premium. The Premium further focuses on providing more features than the free model. The company claims that Telegram Premium will contribute to the app’s success and will keep on adding new features for premium users. 

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Best Features of Telegram Premium to Look Forward To

Telegram Premium pricing

Telegram Premium promises a more user-friendly experience and a bunch of new exclusive features. However, the app will not wholly follow the paid model. The existing features will be available for the free model as well. The Telegram Premium is priced at Rs. 349 per month in India.

Here are some of the prominent features to look forward to in Telegram Premium include: 

1. No Ads

No Ads in Telegram

The best part about Telegram Premium is that it will be ad-free. Therefore, users will no longer get sponsored messages that constantly pop up. These ads can often be annoying when they constantly pop up. 

The ads-free feature, however, is available only in selected countries. Therefore, there are chances that some users have not yet experienced ads while using Telegram. Nonetheless, if you have ads and want to get rid of them, you must get Telegram Premium. 

2. Faster Download Speed

Faster Downloads on telegram

Telegram has become one of the most popular platforms for downloading content. When you switch to Premium, you get the advantage of faster download speed. The speed would entirely depend on how much your internet can handle. 

Apart from downloading, the upload speed across the platform will also increase. Therefore, users will have the flexibility to upload files over 4GB as well. You will be able to upload large files and also download them as fast as you want. 

3. Unique Collection of Stickers

Unique Collection of Stickers in Telegram Premium

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging or texting platforms. There is no denying that emojis and stickers form an essential part of the messages. The users will get a wide range of stickers and reactions on the free version. However, when you switch to the Premium one, you will get access to more exclusive stickers. 

The stickers on the premium version will be bigger than on the standard version. The impact of these premium stickers will be larger as well. During the launch, Telegram Premium had around 20 custom stickers and reactions. The company has further added that they would introduce more stickers. 

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4. Animated Profile Pictures

Animated Profile Pictures

Don’t want to put up your picture as the profile picture? You can also switch to Telegram ones. Telegram Premium will allow you to add animated profile pictures or videos. 

The paid or premium version will help you create a video that will further be displayed as an animation. It will be visible to everyone across the app in an animated version. Whether the contact belongs to the chat list or inside chats, these animated profile pictures can be the perfect addition. 

5. Doubled Limits with Telegram Premium

Doubled Limits in Telegram premium

Telegram already has a wide range of existing features. One of the best features of Telegram Premium is that it will double the limit for all the existing features. Therefore, if earlier you could upload a 2GB file, with premium the upload limit has been increased to 4GB. With this increased limit you can upload high-quality and lengthy videos. Furthermore, it will also allow you to upload a wide range of high-resolution images as well.

Telegram Premium has double the number of groups and channels you can join, from 500 to 1000. And premium also offers double limits for captions, pinned chats, saved GIFs, favorite stickers, public links, and chats for each folder. 

As far as connectivity is concerned, Telegram Premium will allow you to connect four accounts using different numbers. On the other hand, the limit is three for the free version.

6. Badges and Icons

Badges and Icons

You can easily differentiate between the general and premium Telegram users based on their profiles. All the premium users will have a premium profile badge next to their name. As a premium user, you can also consider increasing the aesthetics of your profile.

7. Better Chat Management

Better Chat Management Telegram Premium

Chat management is one of the most critical factors for any messaging platform. The platform can become slightly annoying if you are a part of too many Telegram channels. Using the free version, you will have the flexibility to create different chat folders and then organize them. 

With the help of Telegram Premium, you can create more than 20 folders on the platform to organize your chats. After that, you can set a default folder showing the result or updates when you open the app. One significant premium chat management feature is that you can archive the chat from non-contacts. 

8. Join Requests for Public Groups

Join Requests for Public Groups

Public groups can now allow joining requests. The admin must review the members before allowing them to be a part. Owners can directly enable the join request. The group admin will have the flexibility to connect with the users who want to be a part of the platform and chat about the rules. 

9. Voice-to-Text Converter

Voice-to-Text Converter

Voice messages have long been supported by Telegram, and the premium version goes much further by integrating a Voice-to-Text conversion tool. Your audio notes are converted into text as promised by the messaging app.

When you don’t have headphones and are in a busy or noisy environment or even when you’re watching a movie or listening to music and don’t want to pause in order to play the voice note audio this feature is most useful.

10. Telegram Premium App Icons

Premium App Icons

Premium users have access to customized app icons that they can change. The three new app icons are Premium star, Night Sky, and Turbo-plane. These are exclusive to premium members and bring out a fresh new element.

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