A Beginners Guide To Start Making Money On Instagram


Instagrammers, just like YouTubers, have influence over social media. Instagram creators have the chance to to monetize their reach and influence to earn of revenue through different business models.

By Shivaan Tomar - 
Updated: 13th Jan 2023 12:46 IST
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    How many Instagram followers do you need to start making money on Instagram?
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    How to make money on Instagram
    • Become an influencer and make money by sponsored posts 
    • Enter into Affiliate Marketing
    • Make an Instagram shop
    • Become assistant to an Influencer
    • Making captions for posts 
    • Become an Instagram consultant
    • How to make money on Instagram by selling digital artwork 
    • Provide drop shipped products to earn money on Instagram

Do you know how Instagrammers are making money from the content they share every day? Perhaps you’ve looked at your followers, your work and thought that this could be done by you as well as full-time work.

Instagrammers have influence and have their content’s reach figured out, but they cannot capitalize on the content they post, which is the case for many Instagrammers. In this article, we will be telling you tips on how to make money from Instagram.

How many Instagram followers do you need to start making money on Instagram?

The short answer for it will be that not many followers are required to make money on Instagram. 

But, some factors need to be put into consideration before you put your Instagram account up for commercial use:

  • Can your niche be tied to a product category? (cosmetics, fashion and beauty are the all-time high niches based on hashtags).
  • How organic is your follower’s list? Thousands of purchased bot followers won’t help you make money on Instagram. You need genuine followers for your niche to soar in the market. 

The more organic and engaged followers, the better chance you have to earn money from Instagram. 

Instagrammers can make thousands of rupees per posting, but that doesn’t mean that people with less amount of followers won’t be able to make a dent on the market by promoting their niche.

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How to make money on Instagram

how to earn from Instagram

Here are a few business models that can help you make money on Instagram.

Become an influencer and make money by sponsored posts 

how to earn from Instagram sponsored posts

You can promote products for many brands if you have an extensive reach on Instagram.

An influencer can influence their followers to jump at their sponsored products as they can influence their followers because they have spent so much time building trust with their audience that they can tap into this option.

Sponsored posts are where brands partner with influencers. 

It takes talent and hard work to make your reach know about your content. Although it is possible to earn money through sponsored posts, you need to be realistic about your expectations.

It is important to understand your audience. It is and what are their wants and interests. Instagram Insights option can come in useful to explore your audience statistics if you have an Instagram business account.

Big brands will only reach you if you have a significant online presence. You can directly reach out directly to the brands (via Instagram or their websites) to negotiate a deal.

It would help if you also were mindful not to lose your audience’s trust when making money with sponsored posts.

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Enter into Affiliate Marketing

Earn from Instagram business model

Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are similar business models, but in affiliate marketing, you only pay in case someone buys the product or service that you are promoting, while in sponsored posts, you get paid per post that you sponsor.

It’s a lot more challenging to use this business model because you will need a launch audience. Instagram only allows clickable links to be put on your bio. Promo codes are the sure shot way to promote an offer and ensure you make money on Instagram. These codes are transparent and can be easily added to any story or post. The tedious task here is to aggressively promote the affiliate site in front of your followers to go and visit the affiliate site.

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Make an Instagram shop

Earn from Instagram shopping

An Instagram Shop makes you link your eCommerce store with your Instagram account. This way, you can directly promote your products on Instagram by your posts, stories or going live and make money on Instagram.

Instagram Shop removes all hindrances by allowing customers to view products easily, and then they can go directly to your eCommerce store with a click of a button. 

For example, you own a clothing shop and want your followers to know about new outfit products. You can upload a photo of a model wearing the outfit you made, and Instagram will allow you to tag up your product in the post. You can use Instagram stories and videos to promote products.

While it is evident that this is a time taking process, the rewards can be huge if you can build a loyal and large audience. You have this option to earn by monetizing your brand in the future and making money on Instagram.

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Become assistant to an Influencer

Many influencers need assistance handling sponsorship requests, running ads, identifying fake followers and whatnot. You could offer your services as an assistant and charge hourly to help them reach their goals. 

The influencer may also ask you to contribute content ideas to help grow their brand.

This way is best for you to understand and polish your marketing skills on Instagram and learn how to make money on Instagram.

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Making captions for posts 

Some brands often use Instagram to market their products and services, but they lack the skills to create compelling captions. Such brands are interested in your captions writing skills. It would help if you were crisp with your caption. 

Write such captions that you get the attention of brands. Make sure that brands can see samples of your work. You can bet that if a company hires you to create their Instagram captions, they will want to see examples of your


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Become an Instagram consultant

If you know your way around on how to increase reach on Instagram, why don’t you offer such services to those in need?

Many people struggle with increasing their Instagram followers and how to make money from Instagram.

Offering your services to help people facing such setbacks can be very profitable for you and help your client to understand how to make money on Instagram.

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How to make money on Instagram by selling digital artwork 

Instagram is all about aesthetically appealing items, and if you are good with creating artwork like posters, photos, paintings, animations and videos, then then you can definitely make money on Instagram. You can direct readers to the link in your bio about the artwork you made and are willing to sell. 

When making digital artwork, you need to be original and creative as it will attract more attention than dull artworks.

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Provide drop shipped products to earn money on Instagram

how to earn from Instagram

Drop shipping provides you with the option of direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer and is the least strenuous way to make money from Instagram.

It is similar to the previous business models to sell products to make money on Instagram, but you won’t have to keep any inventory. Drop shipping allows you to sell more than one niche product and find those products that will sell well without investing a considerable amount of capital before you start selling the product. 

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  • Instagram allow you to earn money by finding your niche and audience.
  • Learn the ways which will help you earn money from Instagram.
  • See which business models suits you best to earn money from Instagram.

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