Screenshot on Mac can help you capture what’s on your screen. Sometimes it happens that you have important information like a ticket to some event or a mail that you want to use for future references, this is where you can take a screenshot on mac and save your information from getting misplaced.

However, how to take screenshot on mac is an important question that a lot of mac users have in their minds. Since you do not have a direct option to take a screenshot on mac, complexity may arise. But hey, worry not! We are here to help you. Know how to screenshot on mac, the shortcut for screenshot and more in this article.

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Steps to take a screenshot on Mac

screenshot on mac

As the online workflow is increasing continuously, the demand to take screenshot on mac has also increased. The below-mentioned methods can come in handy in such situations:

Method 1: Take screenshot on mac for the entire screen

If you want to capture your entire screen, just press and hold these three keys together- “Shift + Command + 3”. This will capture your entire screen, and the screenshot will automatically be saved to the desktop after a few seconds.

Method 2: Capture a portion of your Mac screen

There could be times when you want to capture just a particular portion or section of your screen, in such case, just follow these steps:

  • Press and hold Shift + Command + 4. You need to press all these keys together.
  • Once you press these keys, your cursor will turn into a target icon. That is when you know you are ready to take screenshot on mac. Now, using your mouse or trackpad, drag that icon to the portion of the screen you want to capture.
  • If you feel you are not satisfied with the portion selected, you can just press the Escape(Esc) button and exit the screenshot.
  • After selecting the right portion, just release the mouse. Voila! Your screenshot would appear on the desktop saved as a .png file.

Method 3: Capture a particular window on mac

  • Again press the Shift + Command + 4 keys, all together.
  • The target icon would appear, now press the space bar to turn the target icon into a camera icon.
  • Next, drag the camera icon on any open Window or menu to take a screenshot of that particular window. When you would drag the icon over the window, it will light blue.
  • The screenshot would again get saved on the desktop.

Pro-Tip: Shift + Command + 5

A new shortcut command was introduced in 2018 with the macOS Mojave. When you use this combination, a small panel at the bottom of your display would appear. There you can find three screenshot buttons that allow you to capture the entire screen or a window or just a portion of the screen.

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Where can you find a screenshot on mac?

By default, all the screenshots taken on the mac are saved on the desktop. These screenshots are labelled as “Screenshot (date) and (time).png.”

Things to note

  • You can always edit the screenshot by clicking on the thumbnail present at the corner of the screen.
  • Using the Esc button, you can always exit or cancel the screenshot.
  • You can also change the default location of the saved screenshots. Go to the “Options” menu in the macOS screenshot app. There you can change the settings accordingly.

There you go, this is how to take screenshot on mac. Now go ahead, capture the important moments on your mac by following the above-mentioned easy methods.

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