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Here’s How You Can Install macOS On Your Windows PC


Installing macOS on your Windows PC can be a challenging task and you need to get all the steps right. We can help you with that.

- Updated: 3rd Feb 2023, 16:50 IST
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    How to create a Bootable Hackintosh Installation USB Drive?
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    How to install macOS on Windows PC using Installation USB?
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    Finish Setting up your Hackintosh

macOS is exclusive to Apple but that does not mean you can not install it on your Windows PC. There are ways to do so but be ready to dedicate some time and effort. However, if you want to install macOS on Windows PC, you must keep in mind that Apple’s license forbids it from being used anywhere else than mac. So, you must install macOS on Windows PC at your own risk.

All you need is to follow a few steps to build your own Hackintosh. A Hackintosh is a device that runs macOS on computer hardware that is not authorized for it. Let us walk you through all the steps to make the process easier for you.

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How to create a Bootable Hackintosh Installation USB Drive?

How to create a Bootable Hackintosh Installation USB Drive

The first step to installing macOS on Windows PC is to create your own bootable USB drive with macOS on it. If you have your mac and USB ready, just follow the below-mentioned steps to create a bootable macOS USB:

  1. Open the Mac App Store on your Mac. Sign in to your Apple account there. Search and download the latest version of macOS.
  2. Now, restart your Mac and press and hold the Command + R key to enter the recovery mode.
  3. Release the Command + R key when you see the Apple icon and Progress bar appear on the screen. Now, wait for macOS Recovery to load.
  4. Then, click on Utilities>Terminal. When the Terminal gets opened, type “csrutil disable” there and press Enter.
  5. Wait till the Terminal displays a message that SIP has been disabled.
  6. Now, click on the Apple menu and Restart your Mac.
  7. When your Mac gets booted, plug in the USB. Then open Disk Utility and in the left column, select your USB Drive and then click on Erase.
  8. A pop-up menu will appear, there select a name for your USB drive and choose the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled), and then click on Erase.
  9. Finally, click on Done.
  10. Now, run the Unibeast app. If you don’t have it, download the latest version first
  11. Click on Continue and Agree till the app is ready to use. Finally, you will see a Window with the USB drive that you set up earlier. Then, click on Continue.
  12. Then select Catalina and click on Continue.
  13. Next, select UEFI Boot Mode or Legacy Boot Mode and then click on Continue. If you have older hardware, you must select Legacy Boot Mode
  14. Then, choose whether you are using an NVIDIA or ATI graphics card and click on Continue.
  15. Finally, confirm your selection and click on Continue. Then, enter your password if asked and click on Ok.
  16. Unibeast will then create your installation media. This process might take some time. So be patient until it’s done.

How to install macOS on Windows PC using Installation USB?

How to install macOS on Windows PC using Installation USB_

Now that you have your bootable drive ready, here’s how to install it on Windows PC:

  1. Enter the Clover Boot Screen and select Boot macOS Install from Install macOS Catalina.
  2. Select your desired language and click on Continue. Then, from the macOS Utilities menu, select Disk Utility.
  3. Now, you will find a PC hard drive in the left column, click on it. Then click on Erase.
  4. There select a new name for your Drive and choose APFS as the format and click on Erase. Then, click on Done.
  5. Now, return to the main macOS Utilities menu and Select Install macOS and click on Continue.
  6. Again click on Continue to move forward with the installation of macOS on your PC.
  7. Once the installation process is complete, your PC will reboot. If the macOS does not load automatically, select macOS Catalina from the bootloader.

Finish Setting up your Hackintosh

Finish Setting up your Hackintosh

At this point, you have macOS installed on your Windows PC and it will probably be working fine too. However, the final step involves running the free Multibeast tool to configure your macOS installation to work seamlessly on your Windows.

  1. Run the Multibeast app. You will find a Quick Start menu in the top-right corner. There, select UEFI Boot mode or Legacy Boot mode depending upon your PC’s requirements.
  2. Next to the QuickStart, there is the Drivers option. Click on it and select the audio drivers that are necessary for your hardware.
  3. Then, click on Bootloaders to select your desired bootloader.
  4. Next, click on Build and Verify and Save your Settings.
  5. Now click on Install and enter your password if prompted.
  6. Finally, you will see a screen with Install succeeded message. You can now restart your Hackintosh. If it is running fine, you can continue using macOS on PC and if it’s not running fine, you need to reselect your choices in the Multibeast app again.

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