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    iQOO 7 Extreme Gaming Test – PUBG, COD Mobile and Asphalt 9 Gameplay

    By Yeti | 
    Updated: 14th Jun 2021 10:26 IST
    iQOO 7 Gaming Test

    iQOO 7 is a super performer in the under Rs. 30,000 range. This article will be throwing light on the details of iQOO 7’s Extreme Gaming Test that we conducted. You can witness the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flagship chipset in iQOO 7.

    However, did you know iQOO 7 is a dual chipset monster? Yes, you heard that right! Along with the Snapdragon 70 SoC chipset, iQOO 7 comes with a second chipset which is the Intelligent Display chip.

    As we move further with this article, we will be discussing the features of this chipset and we will also walk you through the performance of iQOO in Extreme gaming conditions. 

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    The first test we performed was a 1 hour PUBG test where PUBG was played for 1 hour non-stop on the iQOO 7. Talking about the game load time, PUBG Mobile takes just 12 to 13 seconds to load on the iQOO 7 which was very quick and impressive. If you start any game on the iQOO 7, the gaming assistant is automatically turned on which enables features like Turbo boost and RAM optimization. In the game settings of PUBG Mobile, you get to play the game with HD graphics, HDR graphics and even Ultra HD graphics.

    When we look at the frame rate, HD and HDR graphics support Extreme frame rate which is 60fps giving the users a great gaming experience. On the other hand, Ultra HD graphics limits the frame rate to ultra so you will not find 90fps frame rate support. 

    iqoo 7 pubg graphics

    When we talk about the gameplay, it is a smooth experience even with full brightness, Ultra HDR graphics and ultra frame rate as well. The temperature remains around 37-38 degrees even after half an hour of gameplay in the above settings. 

    pubg heating

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    We also enabled the special gaming features of iQOO 7. When you go to settings and choose Ultra Game mode, you will find the Game sidebar option. This option will help you experience special gaming features through the sidebar while playing the game.

    If you are someone who believes in crisp visuals while gaming, a feature called Game Display Enhancement is for you. After you enable this feature, you will notice a shift in colours of the visuals. This feature improves the colour contrast and also increases the saturation level a little bit or we can say that it is adjusted according to the game graphics.

    This is all possible because of the Intelligent Display chip which we discussed earlier. This chip helps convert SDR games to HDR games. Even though there isn’t any major difference, this chip helps to improve the visual gaming experience for the users. 

    You can also enable one more unique feature from the sidebar which is called 4D Game vibration. After this feature is enabled with Auto Gaming mode, the gun shots fired in the game exactly look like they are coming out of the phone. Isn’t this mind-blowing?

    After playing PUBG Mobile for 1 hour with high graphics and settings on the iQOO 7, the temperature check is around 40-41 degrees which is pretty impressive. The liquid cooling system of the phone kicks in and that’s the reason the temperature of the phone is well controlled even after heavy gaming. The 6000mm² graphite sheet helps in uniform heat dissipation which reduces around 8 degrees temperature. 

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    When we talk about battery drop, there is around 20% battery drop after 1 hour of PUBG gaming with heavy graphics and even features were switched multiple times while playing. This is very impressive as the game was being played at the highest settings.

    Moving further, we also tried playing Call Of Duty Mobile on the iQOO 7 with a special feature called Game Frame Interpolation. Basically, this feature makes the overall gaming experience smoother. This feature lets you enable 90fps or 120fps from the sidebar and this feature is supported only in Call Of Duty on the iQOO 7.

    However, we checked if this feature really works in iQOO 7 or not. We turned on the fps meter and changed the graphics settings to very high along with frame rate being at the max settings.

    iqoo 7 gaming

    Overall, not even a single lag was witnessed or not a single shot was missed out which means the touch is quite responsive. Almost instant response can be witnessed due to the 300Hz Touch Sampling Rate. You also get a 1000Hz Instant Touch Sampling Rate. With the 4D vibrations on, the gaming experience is very amazing. In the multiplayer mode, the fps meter recorded a 90fps gameplay and even at 120fps the game worked well when the Game Frame Interpolation feature was turned on. Overall gaming experience of COD Mobile on iQOO 7 was excellent. Even with high demanding shots and action, there wasn’t a single frame drop or lag on the phone at all. 

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    After one hour of Call of Duty Mobile gameplay on the iQOO 7, the temperature was around 40 degrees which is almost similar to the temperature recorded post 1 hour gameplay of PUBG Mobile.

    Basically, if the liquid cooling system wasn’t present, the temperature after 1 hour of gameplay would be around 45-48 degrees. This liquid cooling system is a huge advantage and it vanishes off overheating issues completely. 

    We later tested the Asphalt 9 game on iQOO 7 to find out how the game’s experience is when it is being played on this device. After a few rounds of racing were done, we can claim that iQOO 7 offers a magnificent gaming experience of Asphalt 9 as well. The best part of the experience being 4D game vibrations which really makes the user feel like they are actually driving the car. Each time you do the Nitro boost or take long jumps, you will feel the vibrations which give a very realistic experience. The Dual Stereo speakers with Hi-Res audio ensures the best audio quality. You can go to Game Display Enhancement and change the contrast colour if you want to experience better and vivid visual colours of the cars.

    However, iQOO 7 does not support Game Frame Interpolation in the Asphalt 9 game. The temperature remains 38 degrees after a full 30 minutes of Asphalt 9 gaming which is very impressive. The liquid cooling system of the iQOO 7 works amazingly to keep the device’s temperature in check even when games are being played at the highest settings. 

    If you are looking forward to buying the iQOO 7 for gaming, it is definitely a big thumbs up. iQOO 7 gives a great performance, very satisfactory camera and a light-weight design all under Rs. 30,000. The phone is crafted in a way where it looks really promising. When we look at the RAM factor, you get 8GB RAM along with 3GB virtual RAM that comes with the internal storage itself. Overall, iQOO 7 is a great alternative if you want to purchase the phone for heavy gaming. 


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