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    Is iPhone 12 Mini Worth Its Price? Are Compact Phones Dead?


    iPhone 12 mini was launched last year in 2020 and is the smallest iPhone available right now. The smartphone is specially built for users who love small displays as it’s very handy to use. However, with the small size, the battery becomes a major concern. Let’s check whether the mini worth buying or not.

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    Updated: 28th Mar 2022 23:25 IST

    Highlights of the Story

    • iPhone 12 mini was launched in 2020 as a compact flagship smartphone by Apple.
    • It is very much similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of specs and hardware, the only difference is its display size.
    • If you’re interested in buying the mini. Let’s find out whether it’s worth its price or not

    iPhone 12 Mini came out as a surprise in 2020 with its new design and a smaller form factor. Apple also reintroduced their old flat edge design which was last seen in 2016. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is very similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of design and specs the only difference is the small size of the Mini.

    This new iPhone form factor is welcomed by a lot of users but at the same time, it was criticized too which has impacted its sales. Overall the iPhone 12 Mini is a value-for-money device with lots of features. However, due to its small design, it does have a few limitations.

    If you’re wondering whether you should get this device or not. Let’s find it out!

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    iPhone 12 Mini Build Quality and Design

    iPhone 12mini Build Quality and Design

    Apple never disappoints in terms of build quality. The iPhone 12 series came out with the old flat edge design which we have seen in the iPhone 5s and older. This design gives a very nice look and solid build to the iPhone 12 mini.

    iPhone 12 mini is a very handy device that can be easily used with a single hand. It has a 5.4-inch display but the size of the smartphone is even smaller than the iPhone SE. This is the smallest iPhone that you can find right now.

    If you have been using a 6.5-inch device, it might take some time for you to adjust. At the back, you will find two cameras similar to the iPhone 12 and they have no difference in performance either.

    iPhone 12 Mini Performance

    iPhone 12mini Performance

    iPhone 12 mini is using the same A14 Bionic chipset that we have on iPhone12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. So, it can give you the same performance which you would expect from these more premium devices. 

    The performance is excellent and you simply get the same performance as its bigger siblings. The A14 Bionic is the fastest chipset in the market right now and with the smaller display on the iPhone 12 Mini, the performance is even better. Be it video editing, casual gaming, or media consumption, the performance is top-notch. The only issue can be that the display is too small to enjoy all this content.

    The smartphone is running on the latest iOS 14.6 which is very well optimized. If you’re looking for a small device to give the best in class performance then iPhone 12 mini could be the one to buy. 

    The camera performance of the iPhone 12 mini is the same as the other Apple phone because of the same dual-camera setup. The main camera consists of a 12-megapixel primary lens and a 12 -megapixel ultrawide camera.

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    iPhone 12 Mini Display

    iPhone 12 Display

    Apple has started implementing the OLED displays in its all smartphones from iPhone 12 series. If you’re coming from iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, or even iPhone 11, this would be a very big update for you.

    iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch XDR OLED display that is quite small and great for one-hand use. The display delivers bright colours and crisp & clear pictures. Also because of its small size, you will find better sharpness in the display than on other iPhones too.

    Also, a high refresh rate display is still not a thing for iPhones, and this is not specific to the iPhone 12 Mini. Even the budget range Android smartphones are getting at least a 90Hz refresh rate display, the mini is still using the 60Hz refresh rate display and this simply can’t justify the price. Although if you are coming from an older iPhone then you won’t notice any difference. But this is something Apple should look upon.

    iPhone 12 Mini Battery Life

    The Battery life on iPhone 12 mini is something that could be a concern for a lot of people. This device gets a 2,227mAh battery and that’s mainly because of its small size. You can’t expect it to perform on par with the battery backup on the iPhone 12 or Pro variants. But still, it can easily give you a full day of battery life for light to moderate use.

    However, if you’re a very heavy user and consume a lot of media content, then don’t expect a good battery life from this smartphone. Along with this, the iPhone 12 mini supports a 20W USB fast charging.

    Apple has also introduced the new MagSafe wireless charging feature that supports 12W fast charging. Although the other iPhones in the 12 series get 15W wireless fast charging.

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    How does iPhone 12 Mini stand with its competition?

    The mini is a very unique device in terms of design. But there are still some limitations to it and that is where you find other smartphones that can be a better choice than 12 mini. 

    The mini is priced heavily, and if you compare its pricing with iPhone 12 you will find a difference of just 10 per cent to 15 per cent. Because of its price, getting an iPhone 12 could be a better option as you get a bigger display and a good battery backup.

    iPhone 12

    If we look for smartphones in the Android world, then the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 5G can be a great buy for you. As it is the only device featuring a smaller display relative to other Android flagship smartphones. It also gets a better display and costs just a bit more than the iPhone 12 mini.

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    Is iPhone 12 Mini Worth its Price?

    Talking about the pricing, the iPhone 12 mini can cost you anywhere around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 69,000. The price, the device is somewhat expensive, but if you are a fan of iOS and looking for compact a smartphone that can be used easily with one hand then the Mini is the best option right now.

    The battery life is a major concern for this device. Although if you’re coming from an older iPhone like 7 or 8, you won’t find any problem with the battery. But if you’re an Android user or coming from a smartphone with a better battery and big display, then it will take a hard time for you to adjust.

    This is the best smartphone for someone who is a light user and also loves small displays. Overall the iPhone 12 mini can give you best-in-class performance and a premium feel.

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