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Sneak Peek: Expected Features Of iPhone 16 In 2024


With the release of the iPhone 15 lineup, leaks of the iPhone 16 lineup have already started flooding in. If you are also interested in knowing the expected features of this next-generation smartphone, keep reading this article.

- Updated: 6th May 2024, 09:27 IST
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Recently, in September, Apple released the iPhone 15 lineup with massive upgrades and a price hike. However, it is now a thing of the past. These days, analysts, fans, and tipsters are interested in knowing the anticipated features of the iPhone 16.

If you are also one of them and are interested in knowing the latest leaks about the iPhone 16 price, release date, specifications, and more, this article is for you.

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Predictable Release Date

Apple has just released its iPhone 15 lineup; therefore, we cannot say when the iPhone 16 lineup will be launched. However, as of now, we can make some predictions based on the past launches of the Apple iPhone lineups.

If Apple sticks to its tradition, it is expected to launch iPhone 16 in September 2024. Usually, Apple announces its latest release in its annual launch event. We can get a rough idea of the date around August 2024.

Usually, Apple releases their new lineup in the first or second week of September, and they pick Tuesday or Wednesday for it. So, the expected date for the iPhone 16 lineup launch is September 3, 4, 10, or 11. Like the iPhone 15, Apple will ship the iPhone 16 a week after their pre-orders go live.

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 iPhone 16 Lineup

iPhone 16 Lineup

The iPhone 16 lineup is expected to come with the major changes. The company is planning to increase the display size of its Pro and Max models. As per the rumours, the iPhone 16 Pro model will have a 6.3-inch display, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a 6.9-inch display. iPhone 16’s size will remain the same as the iPhone 15 model.

In the iPhone 16 lineup, a brand-new A series chip will be introduced, built on the N3E 3-nanometer node. Therefore, we can expect some significant improvement in efficiency and performance.

The company will introduce attractive power, volume, and action buttons in all four models. Besides, according to the leaks, the iPhone 16 models will have one extra button. We don’t have much information about it right now.

iPhone 16 Price

There is no information or rumour regarding the iPhone 16 price. However, we can assume that the company will keep the price at approximately ₹67,000 for the entry-level model. Conversely, its Pro model can cost around ₹83,500 to ₹91,700. The higher storage model can cost you more. If the lineup introduces an Ultra model, it can cost you around ₹1,00,000 or more.

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iPhone 16 Size Changes

As per the leaks from multiple sources, the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a 6.27-inch display size, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a 6.85-inch display size. As the display size increases, the phone dimension will also increase. Both models are expected to be taller and wider than the iPhone 15 Pro models. The phone’s thickness will remain the same, but its weight will increase because of its larger size.

Let’s summarise the size changes of the iPhone 16 lineup.

 iPhone 16 ProiPhone 16 Pro Max

As of now, I am not expecting any size changes in iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus. Their size will remain the same as iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 Plus.

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iPhone 16 Design And Display

iPhone 16 Design And Display

As per the rumours, in iPhone 16, you will see a major improvement. Its design will use the under-display Face ID technology. This technology will provide more usable display space. The reason behind this is that no Dynamic Island will be needed. It will change the entire look and feel of the new iPhone. However, some rumours suggest that you won’t be able to see this change until 2025.

iPhone 16 design and display - 1

The iPhone 16 could use the brand-new OLED material which Samsung will supply. According to the leaks, the iPhone 16 will use blue phosphorescence technology that will ultimately boost the efficiency and performance of the iPhone’s display. It is anticipated that the iPhone 16 will feature a MicroLED display, which will enhance the brightness and colour by using less power.

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There are a few rumours about the iPhone 16 camera. Both Pro models will feature a Periscope lens. For the Pro Max model, the company will use a Super-telephoto periscope. Also, the lineup is expected to feature a 48MP ultra-wide camera.

iPhone 16 will have a 48MP primary camera and a 12MP ultra-wide dual sensor setup. You can expect more camera upgrades in the iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Ultra, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. Besides, the iPhone 16 Pro could be the first phone that will have a periscope zoom kens. We have also heard rumours that the iPhone 16 Pro will feature the tetraprism periscope camera technology that the iPhone 15 Pro Max already uses.

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Camera - 1


Undoubtedly, the iOS 18 will power the iPhone 16 lineup. However, the doubtful thing is what feature this new iOS will provide. This is because we have no information about it at this stage. However, one thing is sure: iOS 18 will have AI-powered features. It simply means that Siri can handle complicated tasks through voice commands.

The iPhone 16 models are also expected to have in-built capabilities and power to carry out AI-intensive tasks on the device. On the flip side, its predecessors have to offload the AI features. In short, the iPhone 16 would perform faster.

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Expected Specifications

Expected Specifications

The iPhone 16 will likely feature an A17 Pro chipset, while the Pro models would have an A18 Pro Bionic chipset. This chipset will improve the performance and provide longevity to the iPhone 16 lineup.

As per the leaks, all four iPhone 16 models will have 8GB RAM. The iPhone 16 Pro model is expected to support Wi-Fi 7 and the brand-new 5G modem chips.

Expected Specifications - 1 - IPhone 16

Regarding battery, it is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro models will use the stacked battery technology. It can provide a longer lifespan and higher capacity. The battery will come with quick 40W wired charging plus 20W MagSafe charging.

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Final Thoughts

Of course, it is too early to say anything about the iPhone 16’s features and the leaks discussed above to be true. However, we can expect some camera and overall design improvement and might expect a completely different iPhone 16 next year.

Stay tuned if you are curious and excited about the latest leaks about the upcoming iPhone 16 phone.

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Highlights of the Story

• The iPhone 16 launch is almost a year away.
• However, rumours regarding the next-gen iPhone have been pouring in for now.
• Here is a sneak peek of the anticipated features of iPhone 16’s display, camera, chipset, and more.