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18 y/o Tech Enthusiast Introduces OldOS To Emulate iOS 4

- Updated: 11th Jun 2021, 14:44 IST
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    Zane’s OldOS: What Is It?
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Apple has just announced the iOS 15 and handed developers with a beta version. However, Zane, an 18-year-old tech enthusiast suddenly takes to Twitter to reveal OldOS. The OldOS takes users back to the bygone era of iOS 4. Users can experience the vintage iOS 4 experience on their iOS 14 based devices. This took the entire community by storm with reviews and excitement pouring in from everywhere.

Zane’s OldOS: What Is It?

We have all heard of emulators, be it for iOS, Android or PC. These emulators basically try to run something on a platform which does not support it otherwise. For example, in order to play Playstation games on PC, one needs to download the PCX2 emulator. This allows them to play playstation games on PC. Zane’s OldOS works in a similar way to run the classic iOS 4 on the new Apple iPhones.

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The OldOS emulator basically emulates the vintage iOS 4 and integrates it into the latest devices via SwiftUI. When a Twitter user asked Zane about why he did what he did, he stated, “Really, just a love of nostalgia. I have such a special place in my heart for this operating system and wanted to bring it back while showcasing the power of SwiftUI…”

The primary objective of the OldOS is to bring back a sense of nostalgia and belongingness with the classic and much loved iOS 4. Moreover, this shows the kind of a creative edge the young developer has. Zane’s Twitter bio is something that reflects the kind of a potential he has as a tech developer. Furthermore, his bio reads as “18. A guy who loves to invent.” This actually does say it all.

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What More?

Users were actually very surprised with how the OldOS emulated the iOS 4 so well. Moreover, Zane did introduce the app as fully functional and as close to pixel-perfect as possible. Several Twitter users tweeted their experience and excitement when using OldOS. Moreover, the app is also open source for others to learn, modify and build on it.

The OldOS brings back a ton of the classic features from the iOS 14. For starters, the app brings back the iconic iPhone home button. Secondly, notifications get a completely restored look with large icons and contact photos for people. Additionally, there is a Notification Summary feature which allows users to customize and schedule notifications to appear at any time. This allows users to deal with irrelevant notifications all in one go. In fact, users won’t miss out on any messages from people as this is intended for apps that send timely updates.

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