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Amazing! 6G Launch Expected By 2030: Details

- Updated: 26th May 2022, 17:13 IST
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    Is it possible that 6G will be available by 2030?

According to Nokia CEO and President Pekka Lundmark, a 6G network might be ready on the market by 2030 as the industrial metaverse evolves. During a panel discussion in Davos, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said this: “Strategic view on the digital economy” (via ET Telecom). By 2030, Lundmark expects that smartphones will no longer be the most frequent method of interfacing with the world. In addition, he adds that both the physical and virtual worlds (VR) will continue to expand simultaneously.

In 2025, Nokia expects the standardisation of 6G to begin, and the technology will be commercially available in 2030. Therefore, a closer look at the 6G network’s capabilities is in order.

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Is it possible that 6G will be available by 2030?


We’re all creating 5G networks, but when quantum computing is ready for commercial use, we’ll be talking about 6G networks. ” The smartphone as we know it now will no longer be the primary interface by 2030.”

According to Pekka Lundmark, the “physical world and the digital world will evolve together,” according to Pekka Lundmark. As a result, a user may enter a virtual reality environment and alter their surroundings in the actual world. On this panel, Ruth Parlot, Alphabet’s chief financial officer, predicted that AR glasses would soon allow individuals to translate conversations.

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According to Nokia’s projections, the First 6G specifications will come in 3GPP Release 21 by 2028. Commercial deployments will likely commence in the early 2020s. The 5G-Advanced standard would probably speed up 6G. Releases 18 and 19 of the 3GPP will expand capabilities, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall user experience.

At this point, the term “6G” has not been defined. However, 5G networks are being progressively deployed by telecommunications providers all around the globe.

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The 5G network is yet to be activated in India. 5G network deployment is to begin by the end of this year, after the auction of the 5G spectrum in June. But, first, Airtel and Jio will likely provide 5G services to the Indian market this year.