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Road To Valor: Empires – Everything You Need To Know


If you’re a fan of strategy games and online gaming, you shouldn’t be missing out on Road To Valor: Empires from Krafton Inc.! This article provides you with all the relevant information on the game. Pre-register for the game today!

- Updated: 26th May 2022, 15:20 IST
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    What is Road To Valor: Empires?
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    Road To Valor: Empires gameplay features
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    What are the system requirements?
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    How to pre-register for Road To Valor: Empires?
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Krafton Inc. has become a household name among Indian mobile gamers now. They’ve produced classics such as PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG: New State. Now, the South Korean company is back in the mobile gaming market with a new game called Road To Valor: Empires. This new strategy game will primarily involve Player versus Player (PvP) gameplay. Moreover, the strategy elements in this game will be real-time. This article will tell you all that you need to know about Road To Valor: Empires and how to pre-register for the game.

What is Road To Valor: Empires?

Road To Valor: Empires is the direct sequel to Krafton‘s smash hit, Road To Valor: World War II. The latter was launched all the way back in January 2019. Even today, Road To Valor: World War II is one of the most popular real-time strategy games you can play on your smartphone. In Road To Valor: Empires, the developers, Dreamotion, have taken a step towards mythology. The game will allow you to command different gods, heroes, and mythological beasts, in a bid to win the throne. Of course, you can play the game against other players worldwide.

The armies you’ll command in the game can be made strictly according to your tactics and planning. Choose different mythological beasts and gods from the myths of multiple cultures, and pit them against your enemy’s army while you’re vying for supremacy. To ensure that the strategy elements provide a good amount of diversity and experimentation, the game allows you to choose from over 60 different formations. Moreover, you can select your guardian from nine unique characters. Additionally, you can choose up to one guardian per eight troops in your strategy deck.

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Road To Valor: Empires gameplay features

Road to Valor Empires gameplay

The developers have claimed that they’ll be optimising the game for mobile phones. This will ensure that large-scale battles can be shown on your smartphone in real-time. While this sounds quite ambitious, it’s a good possibility as even budget phones have impressive hardware in today’s market. Dreamotion has also promised to deliver stunning graphics to provide an immersive experience to the players.

Furthermore, since you can choose characters from different mythologies, they’ve got a diverse range of characters to play with. From Athena, the Goddess of War, to Odin, the King of Asgard, you can select your general and experiment to see which characters and armies suit your playing style.

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What are the system requirements?

Krafton hasn’t given us any updates regarding the game’s system requirements yet. Considering that the game will feature real-time strategy and large-scale battles, you can safely assume that the system requirements might be slightly higher than other games in this genre. However, we will update this space once the official system requirements have been revealed.

How to pre-register for Road To Valor: Empires?

Play Store pre-registration page

Thankfully, even though the system requirements aren’t available yet, you can pre-register for the game. Here are the steps for pre-registration:

  • Go to your game’s landing page on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Tap on the pre-register button or the pre-order button, whichever is shown to you.
  • After your pre-registration is done, you’ll be notified by the App Store when the game is launched. You can then download the game and play it through early access!
App Store pre-registration page

Although neither the developers nor the publishers have stated anything special about pre-registration, we reckon there will be some rewards for early birds. This is usually the case with games of this nature. Pre-registration leads to some form of in-game rewards for the players.

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Road To Valor: Empires is another game in a long line of online mobile games that are capitalising on this growing market. From shooter games to strategy games, online games have become the norm for gaming on your smartphone. Hopefully, Road To Valor: Empires brings something different and worthwhile to the table. If you’re interested, make sure to pre-register for the game immediately!

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