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Android 14 Update Now Available: Features, Eligibility And More

- Updated: 5th Oct 2023, 14:26 IST
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    Android 14 Brings Better Customization Features
  • 2
    Google Introduces Ultra-HDR Support
  • 3
    New Health And Security Features
  • 4
    Better Accessibility For Low-Vision and Hard-of-Hearing Users
  • 5
    Android 14 Eligible Devices And Rollout
  • 6
    How to Update To Android 14

Google has announced the Android 14 update at its “Made by Google” event. The company also launched the Pixel 8 series apart from Pixel Buds and the Pixel Watch 2. This new update also brings new features such as AI-generated wallpapers, better security and accessibility for users. It is rolling out to Google Pixel phones, with other manufacturers expected to follow soon.

Android 14 Brings Better Customization Features

Android 14 Better Customization Features

Android 14 brings better lockscreen customization with the ability to choose different clocks, add lock screen shortcuts, change fonts, colours, widgets and more. These include custom lock screen shortcuts like QR Reader or the Google Home app so you can directly control smart devices from your lock screen.

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The company has also announced AI generative wallpapers that allow users to enter a prompt and get the wallpapers of their choice. This uses text-to-image diffusion models to create a unique wallpaper never seen before.

In addition, Google has also added support for monochromatic themes similar to the Nothing Phone 2. These features will be available first for the Google Pixel 8 series.

Google Introduces Ultra-HDR Support

Android 14 Gets Ultra HDR Support

Google has announced a new Ultra HDR format in Android 14 that can display more vibrant colours, better highlights and shadows in darker areas. This feature supports all HDR devices but is also backwards compatible with phones that do not have HDR support. Google Photos will also support this new format later this year.

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New Health And Security Features

Android 14 Security Features

Android 14 has improved health and security features. The new Health Connect hub allows you to store data from all your fitness apps in one place. It also allows you to manage which apps can access this data and prioritize the ones that should get access first. Third-party developers can access this data by adding a single set of APIs to their apps.

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Android 13 also provides you with detailed information when the app requests you for specific permission. You will be notified if a particular app shares your location with third apps, and you can choose whether to grant access to the app.

There is also digital protection that offers enhanced security when entering your PIN. You can now set up your PIN up to six digits, and the phone will automatically unlock if the PIN is correct. You don’t need to press the enter button anymore.

Better Accessibility For Low-Vision and Hard-of-Hearing Users

Android 14 better accessibility features

Android 14 offers better accessibility features, especially for low-vision and hard-of-hearing users. A new magnification allows you to zoom in up to 100 per cent using a pinch to zoom. Users can also change the size of the magnifier in the settings and also use it when switching between apps.

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A new toggle in the Quick Settings allows you to change the font size for better readability quickly. Furthermore, Android 14 also has new ways to connect with hearing aids, including a dedicated hearing aid setup flow found in the accessibility settings.

You can also use the new “Flash notifications” to get alerts via your Flashlight when you receive a new notification. Apart from this, there are new features, such as using your phone as a webcam on your computer or laptop.

Android 14 Eligible Devices And Rollout

The Android 14 update will first start rolling out the following Google devices:

  • Google Pixel 4A
  • Google Pixel 5A
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Google Pixel 6A
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro
  • Google Pixel 7A
  • Google Pixel 7
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 8
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro
  • Google Pixel Tablet
  • Google Pixel Fold

Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, OnePlus, Nothing, Xiaomi, Realme, Sony, etc., will receive the update later this year. These companies will announce their schedule and eligibility for their devices.

How to Update To Android 14

To check whether you have received the Android 14 update, open the Settings app and head into the System tab. Tap on the System Update option, and you will receive the option to update your device if Android 14 is available.

Wait for the phone to download the update and click Install. The phone will automatically complete the rest of the process and restart with the new operating system.

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