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Apple Has Already Started Working On 6G

By Yeti - 
21st Feb 2021
Apple is working on 6G connectivity

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is hiring a number of engineers to work on 6G technology. It has posted a number of job listings internally, with titles such as “RAN1/RAN4 Standards Engineer” and “Wireless Research Systems Engineer -5G/6G”.

You will have a unique and rewarding opportunity to craft next-generation wireless technology that will have a deep impact on future Apple products,“ according to the job announcement. “In this role, you will be at the centre of a cutting-edge research group responsible for creating next-generation disruptive radio access technologies over the next decade.

– Apple

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People applying for these roles will work in the company’s Cupertino and San Diego based headquarters. Apple’s San Diego office focuses exclusively on wireless communication development.

Why the rush?

The move is quite unsurprising, considering the fact that Apple wants to be self-reliant. The company has been lately focusing on developing its own hardware, instead of relying on partners like Qualcomm and Intel.

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The latest move that proves the same is the shift from Intel-based processors to the Apple M1 chip. Meanwhile, some reports have also suggested that the company was already planning to develop its own modems.

For many years, hardware and software manufacturing is something Apple wanted to achieve. The move is a part of the same strategy.

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Ultimately, this will allow Apple to design and create a better product in the near future. The Cupertino based company plans to lessen its dependency on third-party solutions by quite a lot.

Apple also joined the “Next G Alliance”, which comprises companies like LG and Google. Having said that, experts in the industry expect 6G not to come out before 2030.


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