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Why You Should Stop Using SHAREit

- Updated: 25th Feb 2021, 10:22 IST
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    What does TrendMicro have to say?

If you still use SHAREit, you should know that a bug allows hackers to gain access to sensitive user information. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store, with more than 1 billion downloads to date.

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What does TrendMicro have to say?

According to the cybersecurity expert TrendMicro, sensitive user information can be accessed by hackers using the bugs in the app. SHAREit is one of the most downloaded apps in India. Users who still have the app installed on their smartphones might be still at risk.

We discovered several vulnerabilities in the application named SHAREit. The vulnerabilities can be abused to leak a user’s sensitive data and execute arbitrary code with SHAREit permissions by using a malicious code or app. They can also potentially lead to Remote Code Execution (RCE). In the past, vulnerabilities that can be used to download and steal files from users’ devices have also been associated with the app.

Echo Duan, security expert at Trend Micro

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The report also states that SHAREit did not intend to include these bugs. The developer of the app is yet to respond to Trend Micro regarding these vulnerabilities.

SHAREit can leak sensitive data to hackers

The company also added,

We decided to disclose our research three months after reporting this since many users might be affected by this attack because the attacker can steal sensitive data and do anything with the apps’ permission. It is also not easily detectable.

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Banned temporarily in India in June of 2020, SHAREit is one of the 59 Chinese apps. In January 2021, the government of India decided to permanently ban the 59 apps.

If you still have SHAREit installed on your smartphone, we advise you to uninstall the app or not use it at all.