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Google Classroom Offline Mode Coming Soon

- Updated: 21st Feb 2021, 19:36 IST
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    Upcoming Google Classroom Features

Google is planning a number of new feature to the Google Classroom app on Android. Coming later this year, Google is going to add the offline mode to the app.

This is really useful if you live in an area with little to no connectivity. It will allow students to work on their assignments even when no internet connection is available.

The Google Classroom has experienced a rapid rise in userbase ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. According to Google, the number of users using the app has risen from 40 million to now over 150 million. This is a growth of almost 275 per cent.

Google Classroom Offline mode coming soon

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Upcoming Google Classroom Features

The main feature coming to the app will be the ability to work Offline. The offline mode will enable students to review assignments, open Google Drive attachments and even write assignments in Google Docs.

The app will users the option to download all of their Classroom material and work on it later. Google Classroom is also improving the way students attach and submit images. You will be able to perform various actions on images such as crop and rotate, adjust lighting and even combine photos. The combine feature is quite handy if you want to submit your photos as a single document.

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Having said that, Google Classroom is also bringing new features for teachers. Working and reviewing assignments will be a lot easier, thanks to the ability to grade assignments. Moreover, rich text formatting is also under development. Teachers will also be able to post comments and view stats such as assignment submissions.

It will also bring LMS features such as the Student Information System with the ability to sync the student list and set up classrooms.

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Google is reworking the Google Classroom app thinking of it as a Learning Management System since the majority of users have started to think of it as the same.

As to when these features will make their way to Google Classroom is still unclear. The company has said that they will come sometimes later this year.