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Valorant To Launch New Game Mode Similar To Gun Game

By Yeti - 
19th Feb 2021
Valorant About To Launch New Game Mode - What is it?

Valorant is one of the most popular online multiplayer games, enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Having said that, Riot Games, the company behind Valorant is adding a new game mode.

Known as Escalation, the new game mode will be released in Patch 2.03. Currently, the game consists of four modes – Competitive, Spike Rush, Unrated and Deathmatch.

If you are a Call of Duty: Black Ops or a Counter-Strike player, you might be familiar with the Gun Game mode. The upcoming game mode is similar to this.

Valorant About To Launch New Game Mode - What is it?

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Valorant Escalation

Just like in every other gun game mode, players start with the most powerful weapons, As the match progresses and they get kills, the quality of the guns deteriorates. This makes the game harder as you get close to winning. Every round, the game selects a random of 12 weapons that will be used through the game mode.

If you kill a certain number of people, the game will give you the next weapon. Having said that,Valorant has made a number of changes that makes Escalation interesting.

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The team-based nature of Escalation means that each individual will have to perform and get kills as opposed to other gun game modes. If you do not get a kill, you don’t get to advance to the next weapon.

However, there is an exception to this rule. In the final round of the game, everyone on your team will have the same weapon regardless of their progreses.

Another change Valorant has done in Escalation mode is the ability to advance to Agent abilities instead of traditional guns.

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Escalation will end once a team scores a certain amount of points with the final weapon. Valorant has also set a 10-minute time limit to the game mode. This means that the team with more points will automatically win the game if the game hasn’t advanced that far.

The game mode will be released on February 17, so make sure to update Valorant to the latest version when it comes out!


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