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YouTube Android App To Soon Feature 4K Streaming For Devices With Lower Resolutions

By Susshmita Choubey - 
21st Feb 2021
youtube 4k

YouTube is a video streaming application and the users want high-quality videos. The video streaming platform is upgrading its resolution Technology day by day. Soon, the platform will unveil higher resolution streaming on low-resolution displays.

YouTube comes with 7 dimensions and ratios for its videos. The range of these dimensions is between 240p to 2160p. The application automatically detects the screen resolution and plays the video in the best resolution.

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YouTube Resolution on Android

YouTube supports 8k videos on 60 frames per second. However, on Android, the YouTube application limits the streaming resolution. Some Android smartphones have low-resolution displays. Whereas on iPhone, the application provides the highest streaming resolution.

Android users are not able to play a 4K video without a supported device. This problem is persistent with many Android devices. The older smartphone users cannot even view videos at 720p resolution.

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The New Update

The feature will not change the actual resolution of the smartphone. The screen resolution will remain the same as the smartphone but the graphics will be sharper. The quality of the video will improve with this feature.

However, the availability of the resolution will purely depend upon the internet speed. If the connectivity is unstable then the user will not be able to watch 4K content. The user can tap on the cob wheel icon and select the quality.

Some android users can update now, while some will have to wait for an upgrade. 


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