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Clubhouse App Gets More Than 8 Million Downloads

By Yeti - 
22nd Feb 2021
Clubhouse App Gets More Than 8 Million Downloads

During the COVID 19 pandemic, a unique social media app known as Clubhouse has gained popularity. Even though Clubhouse is still in its early stages, the invite-only app has been downloaded more than 8 million times. The report comes from the app analytics company App Annie.

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Just in the month of February, the app grew from 3.5 million downloads to more than 8.1 million as of February 16. More than 2.6 million downloads come from the United States.

Several known figures such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg marked their presence on the platform.

Clubhouse App Gets More Than 8 Million Downloads

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Keep in mind that Clubhouse hasn’t released any official figures about the number of downloads. According to the CEO of Clubhouse Paul Davison, the app has an active userbase of more than 2 million weekly. Some estimates suggest that the registered userbase is somewhere between 6 and 10 million.

While the number of downloads might not equal registered users, the figure may be somewhat closer than it looks since the app invites only. The app has also encouraged other social media apps to come up with a way to offer audio experience.

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Various apps cloning Clubhouse have already popped up in several countries such as Turkey, the US and Saudi Arabia. Some of the popular ones are Tiya, Dizhua and Yalla. The oldest amongst the lot is Yalla, which was released more than 5 years ago.

It is still unclear how the app will fare in the near future, with big events will take place again in the real world. Some people say that Clubhouse favours people who speak at great length, instead of promoting quality content.


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