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BGMI Releases New Patch Note To Fix Bugs And Glitches In The Game

- Updated: 24th Jul 2021, 08:47 IST
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    BGMI July 24 Patch Note

BGMI is the biggest game in the Google Play Store right now, with over 16 million daily active users. The Season 20 of the mobile game started off earlier this month and it has been a successful season so far. Moreover, the new seasons brought along several new game modes and weapons. Additionally, a new Royale pass mission has been included as well.

However, the brand new season also brought along a couple of glitches and bugs in the game. These bugs and glitches included players getting stuck on the BGMI loading screen when equipped with the unicorn set outfits. Additionally, the ‘Bring on the Heat’ event mission had a ton of glitches that needed fixing. There was also a bug where players would see the message “UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase”. The update patch addresses this particular bug as well.

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Krafton has released the new BGMI July 24 patch note in India. The latest patch fixes a ton of issues that were reported by players over the course of the new season. Krafton took to their official BGMI website to reveal that the patch applies on restarting the game.

BGMI July 24 Patch Note

BGMI Gameplay

There was another bug wherein the game would crash when accessing the Season menu. The latest patch fixes this issue as well. Additionally, other glitches like players not getting shot when in the buggy Ignition Mode vehicle has been fixed as well. Also, a glitch wherein another player’s Tesla vehicle’s sound is low has been patched as well.

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Moreover, as mentioned before, all these fixes will apply as soon as the BGMI game is restarted. Moreover, if players face any glitches or bugs when playing the game can contact the customer service. Players can do so by tapping on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby. From there on, they can navigate to Settings > Basic > Customer Service.

In other news, the iOS version of BGMI is still under development and nothing has been revealed about it. iOS players have been rooting for the game to be launched as soon as possible for quite some time now. Several iOS users have been posting about their distress of not being able to enjoy the game. Hopefully, Krafton will soon roll out the iOS version of BGMI in the coming days.

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