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Fortnite Chapter 5: Features, Release Time & More

- Updated: 22nd Jan 2024, 18:49 IST
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    Fortnite Chapter 5 Update Introduces New Game Modes And Transportation Options
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    New Weapons In Chapter 5 Update
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    Other Gameplay Changes
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    Fortnite Chapter 5 Release Time And Date

Epic Games has finally revealed the trailer for Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1. The upcoming update of the popular Battle Royale title brings plenty of new features and changes for players to enjoy.

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The new update will add various game modes, including the Underground chapter, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival. Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Chapter 5 update, including its release time and date details.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Update Introduces New Game Modes And Transportation Options

Fortnite Chapter 5 Introduces New Game Modes And A Moving Train

The Chapter 5 Update adds a moving train on the island called Reckless Railways, allowing players to travel to different locations in the biome.

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Furthermore, the new update brings a scenic location, such as the Hazy Hillside village and the elaborate Grand Glacier Hotel. This update also adds five new bosses: Oscar, Nisha, Montague, Valeria and Peter Griffin from The Family Guy.

Defeating each boss will help you earn a Society Medalion, which you can keep in your inventory to regenerate the shield over time. The higher the medallions you collect in your inventory, the faster your shield will regenerate.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Update Brings a Moving Train

Moreover, the update also adds new vehicles, including the Grandeur Trailsmasher SUV. You can also customize your cars with car bodies, decals and wheels, but it is limited to one customization per match.

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In addition, all car bodies that you own in Rocket League will also be available in Fortnite. Players can also buy new car bodies in the Fortnite shop and obtain them from the Battle Pass.

New Weapons In Chapter 5 Update

New Weapons In The Update

Fortnite Chapter 5 also introduces new weapons, including a new Ballistic Shield that can help you shoot and defend yourself simultaneously. This Ballistic Shield comes with a pistol and has infinite health but can get temporarily knocked out.

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Furthermore, you also can use it to charge enemies. There are also new guns, which include the Hammer Pump Shotgun, Frenzy Auto Shotgun, Nemesis AR, Striker AR, Thunder Burst SMG, Hyper SMG, Reaper Sniper Rifle and Ranger Pistol.

Similar to Just Cause 4, you also get a Grapple Blade that can allow you to grapple onto your target and deal melee damage. There is also a new weapon, the Cluster Clinger, that can throw a sticky charge onto enemies.

Other Gameplay Changes

In addition, the new update also allows you to customize your weapons with the Mod Benches found in vaults. You can add mods to weapons to reduce their recoil, increase their magazine size and more.

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There is also a new fruit called Flowberry, which recovers the player’s and their teammates’ shield upon consumption. Furthermore, the Medikit and Shield Potion can restore players’ health immediately, but you can no longer cancel them.

There are also other gameplay changes, including smoother animations and changes related to reviving and rebooting, apart from the ability to scale enemy structures.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Release Time And Date

Fortnite Chapter 5 Release Date And Time

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 update will release on December 3, 2023. Furthermore, the new LEGO event will debut on December 7, while the Rocket Racing event will arrive on December 8.

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The Fortnite Festival will also go live on December 9, featuring The Weeknd. This week seems action-packed for Fortnite players as they explore new content and events.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Epic Games has announced the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 update.
  • The update brings plenty of new content, including four unique game modes, a moving train and new weapons.
  • The Chapter 5 update will go live on December 3 2023.